Anxiety disorder sux

Big time.
On many levels.
I HATE it.
I want it to go away.
But I know I’m stuck with it for life.



I wanted to write over a couple of things since my last post.
First one – my TV series. How I dislike Calista Flockhart, but I still watch Brothers and Sisters; I really missed a recap from previous season on Big Love. How I can’t wait till march for  Trauma, and I think that Friday Night Lights is one of the best shows on Tv; the issues they tackle, from abortion to crime – and they do it marvelous, not too Hollywood like (as they majorly pissed me off in Private practice) and how it’s directed, I just love it. I am happy The good wife got some awards (I even got up at two in the morning and watched the Golden globes – no crying this time, maybe at the Oscars – but I was happy for all winners and I even seen most of the films and watch most off the shows).

Two was the commentary of the Golden globes. Passé now.

Three was the way this blog is written. I have some blogs that I read regularly, and I really like the style and the way they are written. I wish I could write that way. But very simply – that wouldn’t be me. Easy peasy.

Four is that I have my neurologist appointment on thursday; my eeg was in november, I have been puting it off untill now. I have cut down from two to one pill a day since – very wrong, I know, I should listen to my doctor. Even though it’s the lowest dosage, I don’t want too many drugs in my system. I have to remember to ask him for how long he thinks I’ll have to take them. I mean, it’s been what, 4 years?

Five is that I rearranged the furniture in my room at home and my darling Golden retriever girly has a new favourite spot to sleep – my bed!  Mom called to tell me they she was crying outside my door to be let in, and she was still sleeping there in the morning (The way the furniture used to stand, it wasn’t an easy access to the bed). I am the only one who allows her to sleep on their bed, and like a good doggie she (usually) is, she doesn’t even attempt to try to jump on any others.

Six is that I am still counting the days to get my braces! I am eating the foods that I know I won’t be able to then – like popcorn and whole apple. I even made some pictures of my teeth, and let me tell you, it’s not easy to make one without also showing (warning – TMI moment coming) the insides of my nose.

I am still giddy that people came to my blog! maybe next time, you’ll say something, so I’ll know what you think? It would be really nice of you!

I’ve had wievers!

Hello, dear viewer(s)!

Welcome! You made me really happy!

Weekend at home

With her Magesty, the Dog, mom and Bro.

Lots of yelling, book stealing, wars for remote, who did what, who should help who, who shouldn’t behave like that.

It’s desired that we grow up, but not possible.

The two constants, seeing my Bff Cutie and grannie are happening in the evening and tommorow.

I had a huge trouble before googling my blog.
This IS harder then it seems, no matter what anyone says!!

I met my orthodontist!

And she is nice,  pretty, young, and wears great eye make-up 🙂

So; she looked at my teeth, and calmly said “Oh, this is going to be easy, year and a half, that’s it”. What?!?  awesome!!

She showed me the models of the braces; a metal one and the ceramic kind, showed me how the opening works.

They are called In-Ovation C.

(Ok, so this is my first link insert try, hope it works – because I have no idea what to do otherwise :/ )

The difference from the old ones is that they don’t have the rubbers, and they supposedly put less pressure on your teeth and work faster – plus they are smaller and less food gets stuck in between them.

All this sounds great, but I still don’t really get HOW they work. The closest I come to understanding is here; but I would still like to find a blog about someone who has had it, because they are pretty new, as far as I understand it.

I will need to go in every two months, and if stuff happens – which I really hope it wont!

I googled like crazy the whole weekend, and I have some idea what I will not be eating for some time! The big ones are sticky things, popcorn, nuts, whole fruit.

My fears – smoking? I can cut back, but I don’t want to quit, but I also don’t want them to get all yellow-y. Actually, my teeth are naturally pretty dark to begin with, so I am afraid the brackets will be a bit too bright!

So; I am getting my dental jewelery in 47 days!  (She is going to Australia for a month, otherwise it would be sooner).

I can’t wait!!
Funny thing is, everybody is saying “Oh, I have never met somebody who is happy about getting braces!”.  WTF?? How is it not understandable that I have been ashamed of my teeth since they grown, I smile carefully every time, am afraid to look at every picture, wouldn’t I want to change it?

This is one crappy-ily put together post, I need to work on my writing skills….

My first appointment!

So, a big part of this blog  will be keeping a diary of me getting braces and how it is to live with it, how it will progress, the whole thing.

I had my fist appointment with my dentist two weeks ago. She just checked my teeth (they have to be cavity-free) and put the paste in my mouth to make  a model, then told me that the rest will be discussed with my orthodontist.

tomorrow, I have my first appointment with her – I can’t wait!

I have some expectations;

I am guessing she’ll took some x-rays, because my wisdom teeth are still a no-show.

We are probably going to talk about brass vs transparent braces.

Will she have to pull any of my teeth out?

That is kind of where my mind is, will report how it went afterwards!!!

Blog content aka an introduction

Hello there!
(very rude of me that I haven’t done this sooner!)

I can’t find where I can put a “me me me” description on the right side of the blog, you know, as a permanent fixture, so I’ll just do it as a post.

Here we go.
Me = mid twenties, student, quarter midlife crisis, reads a lot, watches lot’s of tv and downloads movies and series, follows celebrity gossip pages, loves her dog after years of being no-dog no-cat person, has daddy issues, a therapist, and is getting her lifelong dream come true in few weeks – bracelets! A smoker, cookie but not chocolate lover, who likes when people write this cool descriptions some people make, but I am more straightforward person.
I love potted flowers, and english is my second language.

Can’t carry a tune and my writing is described by my BFF as hieroglyphs.

Untill next time!

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