I met my orthodontist!

And she is nice,  pretty, young, and wears great eye make-up 🙂

So; she looked at my teeth, and calmly said “Oh, this is going to be easy, year and a half, that’s it”. What?!?  awesome!!

She showed me the models of the braces; a metal one and the ceramic kind, showed me how the opening works.

They are called In-Ovation C.

(Ok, so this is my first link insert try, hope it works – because I have no idea what to do otherwise :/ )

The difference from the old ones is that they don’t have the rubbers, and they supposedly put less pressure on your teeth and work faster – plus they are smaller and less food gets stuck in between them.

All this sounds great, but I still don’t really get HOW they work. The closest I come to understanding is here; but I would still like to find a blog about someone who has had it, because they are pretty new, as far as I understand it.

I will need to go in every two months, and if stuff happens – which I really hope it wont!

I googled like crazy the whole weekend, and I have some idea what I will not be eating for some time! The big ones are sticky things, popcorn, nuts, whole fruit.

My fears – smoking? I can cut back, but I don’t want to quit, but I also don’t want them to get all yellow-y. Actually, my teeth are naturally pretty dark to begin with, so I am afraid the brackets will be a bit too bright!

So; I am getting my dental jewelery in 47 days!  (She is going to Australia for a month, otherwise it would be sooner).

I can’t wait!!
Funny thing is, everybody is saying “Oh, I have never met somebody who is happy about getting braces!”.  WTF?? How is it not understandable that I have been ashamed of my teeth since they grown, I smile carefully every time, am afraid to look at every picture, wouldn’t I want to change it?

This is one crappy-ily put together post, I need to work on my writing skills….


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