Braces day one

Ok, the procedure couldn’t be easier. She takes pics of you, moth closed, smiling, with a mirror in your mouth, every possible angle.
Then she puts some sort of “stretcher” in your mouth, but just to hold your lips apart, it doesn’t hurt.

The she cleans up a bit and starts gluing on the braces. Still, the only discomfort is your mouth drying out from being open so long.
The she takes the wire, and when she starts putting the wire in the brackets/doors, then you feel the pressure on your tooth. They feel heavy!
It was over in less than an hour, then she told me to be carefull with what I eat (the usual no-no list; pizza crust, nuts, sweets like caramel, she said gum, but I don’t intend to obey that 🙂  ) She totally scared me with the “It really sucks if you lose a bracket, it messes up the whole set, I can’t just put another bracket on, really, pay attention what you eat!! ” Whoa! It worked on me!
She said that there are many brushes available out there, that I am supposed to use whatever works for me. 

While waiting outside, I met some girls who already had braces – everybody in there was an oldie (aka no teenagers)  – and said “WAX, IMMEDIATELY”. Since my ortho didn’t give me any fancy pack that I read about online, I texted my brothers friend who has metal ones, if he has some, and sure thing, he saved me. I didn’t really feel them biting into the insides of my cheeks, but I think the mouth ahs to get used to it and better to get used to it on non-sharp brackets!

It still didn’t hurt, I just had to move my lips over my mouth intentionally, it doesn’t go easy. I have to really try to whistle, and I had my first cigarette, it’s really funny, you have to move your lips like you want to air kiss somebody 🙂

I was starving, so I pureed some soup and ate it with a straw. Disgusting!! Then I made some apple mouse, still, it didn’t fill me…I made some boiled eggs – the runny ones, and mixed it with a little bread, so it was softer. The hunger pains went away, at least 🙂

I brushed my teeth in the evening, so carefully, and some of the wax came off, some stayed on. The little blue & pink dots, that she said will dissolved in time, are still here (They are just for her to know which bracket goes on which tooth).

The best way to explain the feeling is when you take chewing gum, and in your mouth, you make it flat, and you put it all over your teeth, you know, you pretend you have fake teeth? So the feeling is that something is there that it’s not suppose to be there? Well, that is the feeling. 🙂

 I took pic on my cell and send it out – a friend called, saying “I only knew you got them because you were smiling so broadly I knew it must be something with your teeth 🙂 I don’t really care if you can see them, IMHO, they are pretty visible because my teeth are so small.

So I end my report with so far, so good!



The whole story coming tomorrow, but I just really wanted to brag that I now sport a new permanent accessory(well, for at least a year and a half!)

Eating list- before

I’ve been brainstorming and googling.

So far, I have;

risotto, pasta, fish, fish sticks, hot dogs, mashed potatoes, soups. I can make risotto with all sorts of veggies, same with soups – imagination has no boundaries there.

(as in real food)

Mashed apples /any kind of mashed fruit = smoothies, milky rice, pancakes, ice cream, yogurt, corn flakes/food with milk, pudding.

(as snacks & sweets)

I hope I’ll come up with more!

Shortest dentist visit ever

The day started with me thinking I set my alarm wrong and putting my socks on while brushing my teeth. While washing my face, I started calculating, and finally realised that my alarm was set on right and I can stick to my usual routine.

Jump forward an hour drive to the neighbouring country – walk into the practice, exactly at the time when a cranky nurse?dentist? was writing down names; I didn’t even get to sit back, she already said I can come and get X-rayed.

I had to take out my piecing which took time, bite down, 3 seconds, and wham, over. I did manage to ask the technician(?) if everything is ok, and he nodded – – now see, that is my tiny line of reassurance that everything will go great tomorrow. because when I tried asking  the crank (by now I knew it wasn’t a nurse, it was a dentist) dentist while she was charging me if all is ok, she just barked “Your ortho will tell you tomorrow”.


I was out in five minutes, good, I wasn’t told”all looks great”, bad. But thank god no “OMFG, look at the size of this cavity”, so, all in all, good.

My poor BFF who drove me was a bit hangovered, I felt a bit bad anyway, asking for this favour, but we’ve known each other for too long to feel sympathy when it’s all her fault 🙂

So, I just went to the store, and I realized, despite all the reasearch I have done, I have no real idea what I’ll eat next week.

Mash potatoes with some sort of vegetable pureed in, check.

A risotto. Check.

Pancakes, maybe?

Soup, naturally.

For snacks, I have dairy products and fruit to make smoothies.

Because I can die if I don’t have my cookies, I purchase the plain ones that I can dip in milk to make them softer.

Still, for me, that will last for what, 3 days?? Then I’ll get bored, I strongly belive in diversity when talking about food. And when I try googling it, I only get the foods that I am NOT allowed to eat.

I mean, I expect to drop a size or something, but I don’t want to starve!! 

Would you listen to me, I sound as in I finally belive it’s going to happen!!

BUT just not to jinx it, I did not buy any special devices for brushing/cleaning/flossing. Makes me feel better, to be prepared for a no-braces scenario.

Hoping for an “all went well” post by this time tomorrow…

Tomorrow, tomorrow…

…I am getting my teeth checked out from inside.

I am terrified they are going to find something on the x-ray that will either mean a lot of drilling or preventing me from getting my braces put on saturday ((Holly shit, it’s in two days!!!))

I am going early tomorrow, my BFF is taking me.

Oh all the gods/esses above, please, let everything be okay!!

I have spent a lot of time this week on Metal mouth message board, it’s a forum for adults with braces. I like it, it’s informative and supportive, no mouth diarrhea sighting so far.

Hopping I’ll be back tomorrow with some great news!

More visits!!!

Now I am just pathetic, aren’t I? 🙂

Internet is on!

After two weeks of beeing back, I finally have internet acces in my room! Untilll now, I was parasiting on my brothers – correction, fammilys – computer downstairs. basically, I was dependent on my brothers mood.

I am so happy that i came back after so long and discovered i had not one, not two, but THREE visitors today!! Or maybe one visitor came back three times, I have no idea how that goes.

my mom went away for a week, so this means that I can’t yet report of any normal rythm. Yes, I am obviously, shamefully ((and I do mean that, not in a way some people talk about theyir shortcomings but are proud of them)) that immature that I need my mom as a supervisor to get things done.

I did paint my walls and cleaned out some of the drawers and threw away tons of magazines and and and…So there is some progress.

In other news – in less then a week, I’ll be sporting a new accesorry – braces!! ((hopefully, I really really don’t wanna jinx it!

My greek godess of a dog is looking at me with big eyes, pleading to be fed, so I gotta go.

I hate when people end their blogs that way.
I guess I am bad at endings, hihi 🙂

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