is what I am doing.

Our landlord is basically kicking us out, so I have been packing the whole week.

I am going back home, which is something to talk about somewhere in the future, I can’t deal with it just now.

I packet everything, all my shoes, bags, books, cosmetics, uni stuff, plants, vases, statues, magnets, taken posters of the wall…

What is left are two closets, computer and tv, which I have no idea how I’ll transport them yet.

Even though this happened practically out of the blue, I am having my closure in . On monday, my F BFF spend the night and then helped me pack, yesterday, two other friends happened to dropped by, and today, my M BFF is probably coming to lunch.

I was a really good girl and threw some stuff away!! My heart was breaking, so I took pics of the stuff  :/ See, I am a pack rat, and what is waiting for me at home – more throwing away, since I have to make space to put all this stuff in – is something I dread just thinking about it!!

There is a freaking echo in my room, that is not natural!

I don’t even have boxes under my bed anymore. it’s just weird.

Everybody is telling me how the new chapter of my life is starting, well, hell, I don’t want it too!!

Just let me keep my head in the sand, please…


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