Me & foreign languages

The comment about my spelling mistakes –  that I am sure was meant good heartedly  – really upset me. Ok, it pissed me off. Even though it’s completely true.

On one hand, I understand that as a reader, it annoys you.

On the other hand,, this is not a scientific reasearch paper several pages long where a misspelled word can throw off your concentration. ((Maybe writing this when I am still upset is not such a good idea, huh…:)  ))

So, I guess to understand why I am not very apologetic, I should explain my attitude towards foreign languages.

I speak three.

English, german, and one somehow related to my native language.

I speak all fluently but non perfectly.

And that is how I want it!! If I would only open my mouth when I’ll be certain everything I say is grammatically correct, I would never open them at all.

I am far away from a perfectionist, so it was never really a huge problem, and I’ll be the first one to tell you that I make mistakes.

It may sound pretentious (and may look now as if aimed toward poor Kikkertje 🙂  ) but yes, speaking  in a foreign language doesn’t mean you have to apologise for the mistakes. I mean, you are talking to people in their language. Do they speak yours??

This blog is in english because english is the top internet language. And I am happy with my level of it  – even though it will never get better and I am happy and comfortable with that fact.

P.S. See, people, this is why the 26 of you who came today and said NOTHING should speak up. You may hate my blog for reasons I have no idea about. And even though I admitted the comment about mistakes felt like a knife in the heart, I will be more carefull in the future!


Weather telling teeth

Sensitive to weather much?

My teeth were hurting the other day, and while I was wondering why, my brother told me that the same thing happened with is friends who also have braces before the weather is about to change.

There were storms the next day, so I guess now I can predict weather with my teeth, lol 🙂

My second worst tooth is almost totally lined up already! After only one month! Yay!!! I already can’t close my mouth/grind my teeth the way I have usually done it,  so I guess that means that the progress is noticable!

Potatoe recipe

Easy to make, tasty, and if you don’t have all this thing in your refrigerator at all times, you should.

Peel the potatoes (for one person, I take about three big ones) and cut them; you can do it any way you like, I do it in wedges.

Put them in water and heat it up, add salt.

As for the vegetables, a must are carrots and onions, then I add bell papers, leek, tomatoes, garlic, zuzzinis…

While the potatoes are cooking, I cut the onion in big chunks, peel the carrots, cut them in half, then cut them lengthwise, its way better than the old boring wheels.

Bell papers – I cut them in strips; you can use any color you like, yellow, red or green, or a bit of all three of them; I use a couple of strokes of garlic, I just peel them, if they are big maybe cut them in half, that’s it.

When potatoes are mostly done(15 minuter or so after they start boiling), I put them in the pan with oil and veggies; if I want to add tomatoes, I add them after 10 minutes or so.

I “roast” that for a bout 20 minutes on medium heat, so that the veggies get tender, then put on full heat so it gets a bit roasted.

Salt to taste, serve. Enjoy your meal!

What I learned from “How to videos”

(Note – I am not posting any links here because I belive that you learn more if you must search around a bit, or if you look at a couple of different ones.)

So, You tube is a gold mine of information.

I learned how to make oatmeal(even though I still don’t know if everyone gets this slimy liquid at the end, and if I am the only one who strains oatmeal??). And some other cooking tips (Like how to cut a mango 🙂  )

Lot’s about make up, hair, skin care. (There are wonderful girls out there that have magic hands and are fun and nice to watch, you just have to click enough times to find the ones you like).

How braces are put on, how to wash your teeth correctly when you have braces, how to floss with braces (which I don’t do, I  loose way too much blood every time).

This just gave me an idea, maybe I can find a “how to” video about editing a blog!!

Why you can’t eat hard food with braces; the revalation

So, I thought it’s because you have to be carefull you don’t hurt the braces, right?

Well, the part two of the reason is:  THE TEETH ARE WOBBLY! ! !

I was eating a piece of bread, which is in the “allowed” category, but still, I had to pull the bread away from my mouth with the hand, because I couldn’t bite it away with just my teeth. I was really surprised and started thinking about it and I realised it’s because my teeth don’t have the strength.

If I grind my teeth together and grind left and right, they move 🙂

I try not to do that so much, since I think it probably bad for braces and wire and everything, but it’s fun to do 🙂

Garden work

All day. At home AND at grannies.

Will have back acke, arm acke, leg acke tomorow. And blisters.
But it’s fun 🙂

So, people, do you garden?

How to make &bake bread in the breadmaker


You can either use the pre-made flour for bread baking, which means you only need to pour 350ml of water (I use milk) in the machine, 500 grams of the flour, press the button for the quickest turn, and in two hours, voila!

The second choice is to pour the 350ml of milk(I always use either milk that I took from the refrigerator earlier, or add some warm water so it’s not cold), add one egg, a bit of salt, a bit of butter (I cut it into small chunks because I belive it melts better) then the flour. Now, I like to mix all the flours I got; out of 500grams that needs to be, at least 100 is always white; the other is the mixture of what I feel like. Use your head; the thicker the same bread from the store, less of that flour you use, if you want normal bread. I never use too much of any kind, because if I do so, it comes out all crumbly.

Then it’s two spoons of yeast and three of sugar. Close, press, wait for two hours.

You always have to take it out immediately; I put a clean cloth around it untill t cools down, so the crust is lighter. I also read you can use a wet cloth, but I didn’t see any difference.

Now, for varieties – I haven’t really branched out. All I have tried were roasted onions, I went for that mediterranean flavour; even though I though I used A LOT of onions, and that i roasted it to brown perfection, my brother didn’t even taste it.

I am open for suggestions, please tell me what you tested, I’ll be happy to try!

Happy baking!


Mixing/kneading paddles; if you don’t take it out after the bread is cooled down, be carefull when you are slicing the bread, so you don’t cut right into it!


Never forget to take the mixing/kneading paddles out of the bread. Or your mom might accidentally throw it away. And you are forced to figure out where you can buy new ones.

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