Braces day four

Ate a banana in the morning, because my dear brother forgot to buy more.

Had fish and veggies and mashed potatoes for lunch, two pieces of bread with a cheese-herbal spread fur a snack, then yogurt with corn flakes, and scrambled eggs for dinner. Just remember – no cookies! But I did had a hazelnut cake – the hazelnuts were grinned, off course, whole nuts are a big no-no when you have braces.

I didn’t use any baby teething gum cream. Teeth still hurt the same, the first two are the worst, the back ones don’t really hurt.

There are funny things to get used to, like putting moisturizer on my face, I have to be gentle when going over the under-nose area. Or when I am stepping into the shower, I have a feeling like I want to remove something 🙂

I am not obsessive with teeth brushing, I don’t brush after every meal.
I don’t use wax during the whole day, if some fall out after the meal, I don’t put it on. I think the mouth has  to get used to it, so I am doing it in phases, like it’s on some and not on the other.

I don’t use it over night, I put it on after breakfast & brushing& mouth wash.

I was thinking about mouth wash yesterday – do people rinse their mouth with water afterwards? I do, I can’t stand the taste, it’s too strong to just leave it there.


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