It’s working. And nobody cares.

I freaking went and tested the damn comments thing, because I feel like I am talking to all 14 of you who came here in the last 10 days with a blindfold on and earplugs in.
And I realized *sound of my hopes “”maybe it’s not working and that is why nobody is saying anything” crushing* that it’s working.

So, hello, I would like to know your names? Age? favourite color? Bra size? What you ate last? Anything goes.
Or you can just say hi.

p.s. This is the day I sank to new level of low. Just so you know, I despise it when other people beg for responses on their blogs. From now on, I promise to not think “oh, somebody will answer, surely” on other peoples blogs  but do it myself.

Good bye, my 14 people 🙂


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