A win or just a pat on the head?

This is about Kathryn Bigelow and her oscar.

This is not going to be a lengthy debate, just a few thoughts.

Plus – A woman won.

Minus – A woman won for a war movie.

Plus – A woman won for a war movie

Minus – Are there “womans” and “men” movies??

Plus – She won over her ex husband

Minus – She won over her ex husband, who is a very famous movie director, and it can attract comments like “He must have tought her everything”

Plus – It was a non-hit movie

Minus – There were comments made about how happy the ex is for her (and it gave me the feeling “oh, I am happy, aren’t I a good boy, but she better not win!)

My hope is, that over the years, only the notion that the movie deserved to win an award will be remembered.

((As for my thoughts of who should won which award, that is a whole different subject 🙂  ))

I’ve not seen remarked on at all is that Bigelow, as a woman, had to direct a war film to get an Oscar for directing! And we all know that the vast majority of Academy members are


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