Sweet tooth

I have a recipe that I need to share!

I love to make but about half of my baking attempt end up different then it was supposed to.

I have finally found a recipe I can make that never disappoints, even though I play around the recipe a lot!

So, basics are;

1/3 cup of butter,

1 cup of sugar

2 eggs

pinch of salt

2 ts baking powder

vanilla (in any form you usually use it)

1/4 cup of flour

I double the recipe and you get a nice thick sorta brownie; I bake it 45 minutes at 200 C  .

Playing options; I only use 1 cup of sugar; so far, I added an apple – you can either do cut pieces or you can shred it (remember to squeeze it in your hands so the “water” goes out, otherwise it will be all mushy.

Basically, you can add any kind of fruit; or you can add some cocoa and you’ll get brownies; or coconut, hazelnuts, nuts, pieces of chocolate, poppy seeds…Your imagination is the limit 🙂

As for measurements, when adding fruit I use common sense, piece next to a piece when in the pan; the other, I use one cup, so it balances out the missing cup of sugar.
Bon apetit!!

Oh, the instructions?

Butter in the microwave for a bit just so you can mix it easily, with sugar and eggs; then you slowly add the flour or the nuts etc.

I use baking sheet, you do what you like to do, bake, take out, let it cool, enjoy!


For the non-cup user, I recommend taking one yogurt cup as a measurement. To know what the freaking cups are (as I was wondering for years!!! Prepare yourselves to be enlightened…It happened to me when a friend send to me from Canada.


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