Sandy, oh Sandy…

Can I say Jesse James is an idiot?

Yes, I can say it.

A big huge giant idiot.


If you haven’t heard – Sandra Bullock moved out of their home and pulled out of all appearances because her husband of 6 years had an affair.

He already gave a statement how sorry he is to hurt them (Sandra and the kids), jada jada jada.
I would really like to understand, how this high-profile men (numerous politicians, Tiger((one of his girls just realised his sexts)), now this Jesse guy) who made something in their lives – so I have to suppose they are not downright stupid – go and find this hookers, strippers, porn stars, who you can tell just by looking that they are going to sell out the story for ten bucks, and honestly, WHY at all?

Is it really worth it??

For either one; While I really can’t imagine what drives this men to do it (Is it just because they have the opportunity? Or really just the sex??) I really want to understands what drives this girls. They are going to be known for the rest of their lives as homewrecking, fameseeking bimbos. I can’t imagine there is enough money in the world that would make someone want to do it.

Anyway, I really feel sorry for Sandra. It’s the Oscar curse, I tell ya!!  Kate Winslet also broke it of with her husband, Sam Mendes, came to light earlier this week. And let’s not forget Reese Witherspoon and Hilary Swank.

Or maybe men are just jerks (Or at least Jesse, Ryan and Chad – its well-known that they all cheated). Because I do belive good guys are out there. For me and for Sandra!!! 🙂


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