How to grow a fruitless avocado plant

I don’t really like to eat avocados, or all the salsas you can make with them, but I like pots and to grow stuff, so I just grow them for fun 🙂

I’ll tell the story about the one I have now (had two previous ones, one was left behind years ago when I left my au-pair family, one was killed during that time by my mom and brother).

I bought overly ripped avocado  – so it was very cheap; I cut the pit out and put toothpicks in, then took a yogurt cup and put the water it so the pit was one-third in the water. You can see how in the picture below.

Change the water regularly and most important DON’T GIVE UP!!! When you’ll be sure that nothing will ever happen, like a month later, the pit will start to slowly break in half, lengthwise – it will look great, the pit in the water, broken in half but still together in the middle, and from there downwards grows the root and upwards the plant. I leave it till root looks good and ready to live on its own.

The I use whatever soil I have, and put it in so the pit is peeking out of the soil, and later on, it will slowly break down.

Here is the picture of how the plant will look like;

As the Wikipedia says, the plant grown large enough to be prunable, but “however it will not bear fruit unless it has both ample sunlight and a second plant with which it can cross-pollinate”.

Mine is, after more than a year, about 9 inches (30 centimeters) big.

When the tips get brown, it needs more water; also, you can really tell when it’s thirsty, the leaves get all “deflated” 😉

Happy growing!


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