How to make &bake bread in the breadmaker


You can either use the pre-made flour for bread baking, which means you only need to pour 350ml of water (I use milk) in the machine, 500 grams of the flour, press the button for the quickest turn, and in two hours, voila!

The second choice is to pour the 350ml of milk(I always use either milk that I took from the refrigerator earlier, or add some warm water so it’s not cold), add one egg, a bit of salt, a bit of butter (I cut it into small chunks because I belive it melts better) then the flour. Now, I like to mix all the flours I got; out of 500grams that needs to be, at least 100 is always white; the other is the mixture of what I feel like. Use your head; the thicker the same bread from the store, less of that flour you use, if you want normal bread. I never use too much of any kind, because if I do so, it comes out all crumbly.

Then it’s two spoons of yeast and three of sugar. Close, press, wait for two hours.

You always have to take it out immediately; I put a clean cloth around it untill t cools down, so the crust is lighter. I also read you can use a wet cloth, but I didn’t see any difference.

Now, for varieties – I haven’t really branched out. All I have tried were roasted onions, I went for that mediterranean flavour; even though I though I used A LOT of onions, and that i roasted it to brown perfection, my brother didn’t even taste it.

I am open for suggestions, please tell me what you tested, I’ll be happy to try!

Happy baking!


Mixing/kneading paddles; if you don’t take it out after the bread is cooled down, be carefull when you are slicing the bread, so you don’t cut right into it!


Never forget to take the mixing/kneading paddles out of the bread. Or your mom might accidentally throw it away. And you are forced to figure out where you can buy new ones.


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