Potatoe recipe

Easy to make, tasty, and if you don’t have all this thing in your refrigerator at all times, you should.

Peel the potatoes (for one person, I take about three big ones) and cut them; you can do it any way you like, I do it in wedges.

Put them in water and heat it up, add salt.

As for the vegetables, a must are carrots and onions, then I add bell papers, leek, tomatoes, garlic, zuzzinis…

While the potatoes are cooking, I cut the onion in big chunks, peel the carrots, cut them in half, then cut them lengthwise, its way better than the old boring wheels.

Bell papers – I cut them in strips; you can use any color you like, yellow, red or green, or a bit of all three of them; I use a couple of strokes of garlic, I just peel them, if they are big maybe cut them in half, that’s it.

When potatoes are mostly done(15 minuter or so after they start boiling), I put them in the pan with oil and veggies; if I want to add tomatoes, I add them after 10 minutes or so.

I “roast” that for a bout 20 minutes on medium heat, so that the veggies get tender, then put on full heat so it gets a bit roasted.

Salt to taste, serve. Enjoy your meal!


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