Weather telling teeth

Sensitive to weather much?

My teeth were hurting the other day, and while I was wondering why, my brother told me that the same thing happened with is friends who also have braces before the weather is about to change.

There were storms the next day, so I guess now I can predict weather with my teeth, lol 🙂

My second worst tooth is almost totally lined up already! After only one month! Yay!!! I already can’t close my mouth/grind my teeth the way I have usually done it,  so I guess that means that the progress is noticable!


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  1. Richard
    Mar 31, 2010 @ 14:55:40


    You should get onto the weather forecasters about your new ‘gift’. I am sure you can do a better job than many of them do. Glad to hear you are already seeing results. Makes the treatment much more bearable when you actually notice improvements as the treatment develops.

    If you are in need of more info during your treatment then you may like to take a look at the which has loads of info about braces. Also, if you are at all worried about your treatment then you can ask one of our Experts to get a quick answer.

    Feel free to check it out, and a link to the site on your blog would be greatly appreciated.

    Orthodontics –

    Experts –

    I hope the treatment is fast, but I am sure it will be worth it no matter how long it takes.



  2. grinningbookfairy
    Mar 31, 2010 @ 17:35:02

    Hihi, good advice 🙂

    I did “approve” your comment and since the links to your site are already there, I won’t post it anywhere else.

    All the forums I “promoted” are the ones where people with braces talk with eachother about their personal experience, which is what I am interested in.

    Yours is more general and professional, so in case one of the readers is interested in that, I’m leaving the comment here.

    Thank you for the comment & good wishes!


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