Me & foreign languages

The comment about my spelling mistakes –  that I am sure was meant good heartedly  – really upset me. Ok, it pissed me off. Even though it’s completely true.

On one hand, I understand that as a reader, it annoys you.

On the other hand,, this is not a scientific reasearch paper several pages long where a misspelled word can throw off your concentration. ((Maybe writing this when I am still upset is not such a good idea, huh…:)  ))

So, I guess to understand why I am not very apologetic, I should explain my attitude towards foreign languages.

I speak three.

English, german, and one somehow related to my native language.

I speak all fluently but non perfectly.

And that is how I want it!! If I would only open my mouth when I’ll be certain everything I say is grammatically correct, I would never open them at all.

I am far away from a perfectionist, so it was never really a huge problem, and I’ll be the first one to tell you that I make mistakes.

It may sound pretentious (and may look now as if aimed toward poor Kikkertje 🙂  ) but yes, speaking  in a foreign language doesn’t mean you have to apologise for the mistakes. I mean, you are talking to people in their language. Do they speak yours??

This blog is in english because english is the top internet language. And I am happy with my level of it  – even though it will never get better and I am happy and comfortable with that fact.

P.S. See, people, this is why the 26 of you who came today and said NOTHING should speak up. You may hate my blog for reasons I have no idea about. And even though I admitted the comment about mistakes felt like a knife in the heart, I will be more carefull in the future!


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. kikkertje
    Apr 01, 2010 @ 02:08:11

    hey you!

    i’m not sure if i should reply as a comment to this post or a reply to the before i get carried away i’ll stick to the simplicity of this option=P

    i’m sorry that my post upset you (or even pissed you off)!! that was most certainly not my intention. i totally did not attack you, just gave my fair opinion on what bothered me from potentially coming back to this blog. i guess you’re a bubbly person and i havent commented on that at all, maybe i should have. so content it is. yes. muy importante=P

    but spelling on the other hand as well. surely there are some mistakes even a native speaker would make, but i meant it more as a sloppiness thingy. in a way that this blog kind of represents you thus it may be a good idea to double check it before you press the ‘publish’ button, get it? as far as i care you could be writing in any language that i understand (14 by now, still counting). ok this was a brag moment, but i’m trying to say that i’m a language fanatic as well and 10 of those i speak as you said fluently yet not perfectly. i see where this is coming form. it should not put you off a spell check (or grammar for that matter).

    i do hope on the other hand that your thought of not wanting to improve it was a part of your pissed off moment=P it’s like saying whatever..and i bet by posting on this blog solely you are massively improving as it is.

    english is kind of my mother tongue and our family always spoke it at home, however i grew up in several different countries (never an english speaking one) where i had to learn additional 7 languages just by living there, going to school, doing get the idea=) but most of those languages i’d love to improve to the level where i could fool the natives and they wouldn’t have any idea i’m actually not a native. my 2 pennies anyway.

    i’m not a purist (or perfectionist like you said it) either, but excuse that there’s not a scientifical purpose to this blog really doesn’t stand for me, sorry. why don’t you use pub english then? you know, i go home yesterday=P instead your vocabulary seems pretty good and you’re implementing it on a daily basis.
    obviously you do care (and i can really appreciate that) so i hope you will at least wish to ever get better.. you know in a final stage when you are nearly perfect you can always learn additional dialects or words from old dictionaries=P oh and always brilliant pirate english!!

    so i’m sorry for the idea i gave you and fingers crossed that you don’t always take criticism in a negative way. if nothing else i enjoyed reading most of your things and would probably like you over a beer or two=P

    cheers to you and blow some bubbles today=P daffodils are up and shiny.


  2. grinningbookfairy
    Apr 01, 2010 @ 19:29:55

    Dear Language fanatic,

    I now see your point *she grudgingly admitted*.

    You are forgiven for pissing me of ( 🙂 ) by recognizing from my writting that I am bubbly!!
    I am taking this as a huge compliment.
    Of course then you went and ruined the effect by saying you would need a bear or two to like me!
    (Hihi, joke!)

    The Sloppy Writer


  3. kikkertje
    Apr 01, 2010 @ 21:29:29

    haha, cheers on that=)
    (and mind that there are sloppy mistakes in my previous comment – which i must painfully accept since i cannot edit them-, so there you go=P)

    will shut up now and go open myself a beer. w with a capital, naturally.


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