What really orders the teeth around aka THE MEMORY WIRE

Remember when my ortho told me that my wire has a memory?

Well, I finally figured it out! (Sort of. I am not sure if this was done to my wire, but it does say it is used in orthodontics).

Wikipedia help me understand some of it.

If I sum it up; A shape memory alloy (SMA ) is an alloy that “remembers” its original, cold-forged shape, and which returns to that shape after being deformed by applying heat. Now, there are two ways to do that; 

There is One -way memory effect – when a shape memory alloy is in its cold state the metal can be bent or stretched and will hold those shapes until heated above the transition temperature. Upon heating, the shape changes to its original. When the metal cools again it will remain in the hot shape, until deformed again.


 The two-way shape memory effect – the effect that the material remembers two different shapes: one at low temperatures, and one at the high temperature shape.

So how did this happen to find its way into orthodontics?

The nitinol archwire was developed in 1972 by orthodontist George Andreasen.This revolutionized clinical orthodontics and has also had an effect on fiber optic development. Andreasen’s alloy has a patterned shape memory, expanding and contracting within given temperature ranges because of its geometric programming.

That was the explanation for people born with a technical gene.


Here is for people like me, who need it to be told as a story.

The straight wire is actually a flexible metal wire that works by placing pressure on your teeth to move them in the right direction. Your ortho will place a bracket in a predetermined position on each tooth. These brackets are pre-adjusted in torque and tip — meaning they are customized to move your tooth’s root in the right direction while correcting the angle of the tooth’s crown.

After the brackets are secured, the straight wire is connected to them, causing it to bend. The straight wire works by trying to return to its original shape. As it bends back into shape, it forces the teeth to move, eventually lining your brackets into the correct position. Once your treatment is complete, your teeth should line up perfectly along the straight wire.

Many modern straight wire braces are now made of a nickel-titanium alloy, which adjusts to your body temperature. At room temperature, these wires are extremely flexible and easy to place on your brackets. As the metal warms, the wire becomes active to gradually move your teeth. Because they require less attention, these high-tech straight wires are commonly used today. (more here)

The explanation below solves my problem why I once read somebody had to “shock” his braces with hot and cold water every day and if that was a memory wire, why I don’t have to do this;  

The three types of archwires that we routinely use are nitanol, thermal titanium and stainless steel. Nitanol and thermal titanium archwires are both memory type wires. Thermal titanium is temperature sensitive and at a few degrees below body temperature, the wire memory becomes activated after being placed in the mouth. When these wires are threaded through the brackets, their memory preprograms them to return to their original shapes which applies pressure to move the teeth. By placing the brackets as accurately as possible, the braced appliance becomes self-adjusting and self-tightening. As these “smart braces” guide the teeth into straight alignment, your smile will look better within several visits.

Again, I have no idea if this is really what’s in In-Ovation C, my braces. I just wanted to sum up all I could find at how memory wire works, and how it moves the teeth.

You know what, this could also be called The Most Technical Post I will Ever Write In My Life.



Untitled mess

Yes, I am still alive, was away for three days, mini vacation.

It’s been two months since I got my braces! Have to do a post about it, don’t I?

I totally love my blond/orange hair and dark roots! Looks sorta those skinny young girls who date footballers, wear huge sunglasses and those baggy-yet-clingy T-shirts, especially if I wear them in a messy bun on the top of my head. (newly discovered, the excitement may soon be over + I ain’t skinny!)

So, Matt Damon is expecting another baby, and Sandra Bullock adopted a son. In january. She has had every paparazzo on the planet on her back for the last month, so does that mean that this baby was never even taken for a walk??

I am still on the quest for the at-least-suitable-if-they-haven’t-made-perfect-one-yet foundation. I may have a serious contender!

I may suck at singing in real life, but I got up to 99% on Guitar hero! Ha!!

It’s going to take some time to catch up to all my series that I’ve missed in the last few days, can’t wait!! 😉

I had the MostAmazingMuffins yesterday!! I am even going to try to bake them myself, even though I gave that up when I failed at it for the gazilionth time!

And finally, Perez Hilton, not everybody is trying to copy Lady Gaga. It seems every day he shows videos, covers,  pics of other artist that are supposedly all trying to look like her. Easy there, GossipKing, not every person in this world loves her and thinks she’s the next Jesus like you!

Apple desert, easy to make

Take about one apple per person, peel, cut in small pieces.

Put in the pan, add some water, sugar, cinnamon, ginger. Cook untill the apple starts “falling apart”.

healthy, quick, something different for a change.

Social experiment


He would rather watch the bike then buy the “stuff”. It’s like she is asking them to rob a bank or something!!

Double standard at it’s best.


That is how many visitors this blog has had today!  *doing a happy dance*

Hello and welcome! You’ve helped set a new record 🙂 *grin*

I have asked for comments so many times that I am embarrassed, so I am not doing it anymore. But I would like to know your thoughts, feelings, desires, wishes, dreams and experiences. *Serious face*

I am telling you this just so you’ll know MY wishes and feel bad for depriving me of valuable information about yourself. Not to mention that by not saying an anything you are basically torturing me – my nosy’ness is killing me!! (Just to clarify  – what most people would call nosy, I call genuine interest in others) *pout*

As I said, I am not asking you to comment anymore. *scowl*

*sight* But I just might start begging.

*Putting a smile face back on* Thank you for visiting!!


The mailbox.

Cnn alerts, Martha Stewart recipes, Funny or die videos, You tube subscriber announcements, Ms magazine Blog newsletters, about.com daily emails, and all the forwards – I usually take a look at the normal ones, but always leave some “for later”. I always delete the Oprah newsletter, I am to lazy to cancel it, but the articles are so blah that I don’t even open them anymore.

I am now -30 in unread emails section! Yay me! 🙂

Drugs kill.

I just fond out a former classmate of mine died of an overdose today.

 Haven’t seen him in years, I knew he had drug problems but I have never seen him, so I didn’t really thought of it as real.

I’ve spoken a couple if times with his younger brother in the last few months, but he never mentioned him at all.


Still deciding if I should go to the funeral, I haven’t seen the guy in over 10 years, we were never BFFs,  would it look like I went there to hear the gossips?

Maybe I can just go with my BFF (we went to school together, so we both knew him) and we can just hang out in the back. I always hate the feeling at the funerals when you have to go and offer your condolences. They usually have no idea who I am, I feel like an intruder, I am thinking they just want to get this over with, they don’t want to shake my hand here.

And no matter if i knew the person at all, I always cry. I just have to look at the grieving family and am already all tiered up.

Here, funerals are strictly black dress code; of not black, the very dark colors, it’s normal to wear black several days or even weeks and months after the funeral.

Do you light candles on the cemetery, too?

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