Liver flush

I am doing it today!

Not very complicated.

I should be drinking apple juice for the past few days, but I didn’t read that soon enough, so I ate an apple yesterday and had an apple juice today.

I only ate a banana for breakfast and then some cooked veggies and fish for lunch, since you are not supposed to have anything fatty. Then, after two o’clock, you are not allowed to have anything else. Not true!! You are not allowed to EAT anything else. You are allowed to drink. I messed that up, I didn’t drink and woke up with very dehydrated skin.

At six, I  had my first 3/4 cup of water mixed with epsom salts.

((You dilute 2 cups of water with 30grams of epsom salts upfront))

I was suppose to be running for the toilet soon, didn’t happen.

At eight, another 3/4 cups. At 10, I’ll mix olive oil with freshly squeezed grapefruit juice, then go right to sleep (and the instructions said to think how the stones are passing through me. I ain’t that zen! 🙂  )

When I wake up, another salt mixture, and two hours later another one. Then I am allowed to drink some fruit juice again, then slowly eat some fruit, and by afternoon, I can eat normally again.

The point is that the stones pass through you, and a lot of places tell you to look for the green pebbles in the toilet with the flashlight, but I am not doing that!!

Here is some detailed information.

_ _ _ _              ___________ _ _ _ _ _

I am writing about toilet activity. It really shouldn’t come much as a surprise when people say they’ll need a beer or two to like me.

___________ _ _ __   __________

Update # 1

Things started moving just before ten, so I didn’t get to drink the olive oil+ grapefruit mixture until 10.30.

Like they say in the instructions, diarrhea is a mild description of what happens, and the mixture is not nearly as bad as it sounds. I slept poorly, because I was afraid I was going to have to run to the toilet. I didn’t have to – until 6 in the morning. Then the fun started. It’s still going strong.

I could barely gulped down the remaining two portions of the potion, I really don’t like it!

I declare the cleanse as successful.

_________ _ _ _ __ _ _ _____ _ _

Update #2

I passed out.

I guess because of dehydration. Woke up on the floor of my room, no idea what time it was, nothing.

Mom, who didn’t know anything about my cleanse, found out because my brother called her all upset. She, naturally, freaked. So now I am drinking electrolytes and resting.

I am never doing it again, needless to say…Still, I am not sorry. Better to know then to wonder!


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