Curls curls curls

I have straight hair. Naturally it’s boring light brown; at 14, I started experimenting with colors, I was red, black (a mistake!) orange; then I was dark brown for 5 years, and two weeks ago, I went back to golden orange 🙂

No matter what color, I love curls! I’ve even had perm, twice in the last 4 years. Sounds very 80ies, but like other things, perm also evolved, so I did not resemble a sheep.

But even after I grew my perm out (and before I’ve had it) , I love to use curlers. I do it old fashion way and use velcros or foam curlers.

It used to take me forever, because I put the velcros in completely wet hair.

No need!

Now I dry them to 75%, put mousse for curly hair in, then the curlers. Because I don’t do it for the volume, but to have actual curls, I don’t put them on the top of my head, like you see in the movies, when they all have this perfect rollers sitting on the top of the head –  I just make a central part with the pointy part of the hairbrush (HATE!!!!!  When women are all made up but their central/side part isn’t straight!! ) and roll them on the sides.

When you are taking them out, carefully spin it out, then turn your head upside down and spray.

I ALWAYS do it in the evening, so the sleeping crushes the curls some, and then in the morning, your fingers through it to get the wanted result.

Option three are the hot rollers.

I have only tried them once so far, and I would describe hair more wavy than curly. They also don’t last as long as velcros or foam curlers.

Option four is curling with your hair straightener. You grab a strand on the top of your head, roll it around the straightener, then pull all the way to the bottom. I also saw versions when you roll it upward after you slide id downwards, then wait a few seconds, then release.

You can find some nice tutorials on You tube.
I don’t like it because it doesn’t last long enough for me.

Happy curling:)


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