Menstrual cup – personal experience

 Diva cup, Mooncup and Lunette are the three major brands.

It is an alternative product to tampons and sanitary pads. It catches your menstrual blood and it’s reusable – you can use one for years. It takes a bit of practice to learn how to use it. The other downside is how to empty it when you are not at home; it takes some sanitizing wipes and a bottle of water. BUT   – you don’t have to empty it nearly as often as tampons or pads (It collects up to three times more than the other). It’s made out of silicone, there are no dyes and other artificial stuff added.

You can do all the sports with it, including swimming, sleep with it, but not have sex.

Some report of less cramping – that is not my experience.

It took me about four cycles to get friendly with it. A lot of tries!!

My tips are; don’t try to insert it the same way you insert the tampons. Aim lower and towards your backbone, it can be done with one push. It helped me to crouch, or to stand and lift one leg up and lean it on something.  Then you fold it, push it in with your thumb, and once you feel it’s in, you release it and you can feel how it unfolds.

For taking it out, I pull the tail, or just grab the bottom with my thumb and the point finger and pull it out.

I boil it before the stat of each cycle, but otherwise only wash it with water. When you are washing it, make sure all the little holes are clean, because they are the ones that create the pressure/vacuum that keeps the cup inside.

I encourage you to try it! And you can ask me anything you want to about it , I would love to help if I can, I sure know I could use the help when I was learning how to use it! 🙂


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