Drugs kill.

I just fond out a former classmate of mine died of an overdose today.

 Haven’t seen him in years, I knew he had drug problems but I have never seen him, so I didn’t really thought of it as real.

I’ve spoken a couple if times with his younger brother in the last few months, but he never mentioned him at all.


Still deciding if I should go to the funeral, I haven’t seen the guy in over 10 years, we were never BFFs,  would it look like I went there to hear the gossips?

Maybe I can just go with my BFF (we went to school together, so we both knew him) and we can just hang out in the back. I always hate the feeling at the funerals when you have to go and offer your condolences. They usually have no idea who I am, I feel like an intruder, I am thinking they just want to get this over with, they don’t want to shake my hand here.

And no matter if i knew the person at all, I always cry. I just have to look at the grieving family and am already all tiered up.

Here, funerals are strictly black dress code; of not black, the very dark colors, it’s normal to wear black several days or even weeks and months after the funeral.

Do you light candles on the cemetery, too?


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