That is how many visitors this blog has had today!  *doing a happy dance*

Hello and welcome! You’ve helped set a new record 🙂 *grin*

I have asked for comments so many times that I am embarrassed, so I am not doing it anymore. But I would like to know your thoughts, feelings, desires, wishes, dreams and experiences. *Serious face*

I am telling you this just so you’ll know MY wishes and feel bad for depriving me of valuable information about yourself. Not to mention that by not saying an anything you are basically torturing me – my nosy’ness is killing me!! (Just to clarify  – what most people would call nosy, I call genuine interest in others) *pout*

As I said, I am not asking you to comment anymore. *scowl*

*sight* But I just might start begging.

*Putting a smile face back on* Thank you for visiting!!


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