Untitled mess

Yes, I am still alive, was away for three days, mini vacation.

It’s been two months since I got my braces! Have to do a post about it, don’t I?

I totally love my blond/orange hair and dark roots! Looks sorta those skinny young girls who date footballers, wear huge sunglasses and those baggy-yet-clingy T-shirts, especially if I wear them in a messy bun on the top of my head. (newly discovered, the excitement may soon be over + I ain’t skinny!)

So, Matt Damon is expecting another baby, and Sandra Bullock adopted a son. In january. She has had every paparazzo on the planet on her back for the last month, so does that mean that this baby was never even taken for a walk??

I am still on the quest for the at-least-suitable-if-they-haven’t-made-perfect-one-yet foundation. I may have a serious contender!

I may suck at singing in real life, but I got up to 99% on Guitar hero! Ha!!

It’s going to take some time to catch up to all my series that I’ve missed in the last few days, can’t wait!! 😉

I had the MostAmazingMuffins yesterday!! I am even going to try to bake them myself, even though I gave that up when I failed at it for the gazilionth time!

And finally, Perez Hilton, not everybody is trying to copy Lady Gaga. It seems every day he shows videos, covers,  pics of other artist that are supposedly all trying to look like her. Easy there, GossipKing, not every person in this world loves her and thinks she’s the next Jesus like you!


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