A galette, a pie, a crumble, a tart.

I’ve never heard of galette before, and since we don’t really bake/eat pies here, or crumbles (I am still not completely sure how you eat a crumble, because it doesn’t have a “bottom”), I’m introducing galette pie crumble tart diferent desserts made from dough and fruit usually in a round form.

But just for dummies like me; a crumble doesn’t have a bottom, it’s just fruit with sprinkled mixture of sugar and flour& butter on top; now, a pie can also be crumble pie – I THINK pie has pie dough on top, and crumble pie has pie dough on the bottom and crumble mixture on to. Right?

A galette is pie baked without a pan”, the dough serves as “hold it together”.

Then there is tart; This item is very similar to a pie in that it has a pastry dough bottom and a filling. It can be single- or double-crusted. Often, tarts are thinner than pies, and can be found in fluted tart pans or made in flan rings (see below). Tart rings come in many different shapes, including round and rectangular. On menus, it can be listed as ‘tart’ or ‘tarte’ depending on the pastry chef. – To simplify; tart is a small pie.

Cobbler — a spoon pie (more like a fruit stew with dumplings), in which biscuit dough is dropped onto the fruit before baking. The consensus is that the dish got its name because the lumps of cooked dough resembled cobblestones.

Crumble — a British dessert in which raw fruit is topped with a crumbly pastry mixture and baked. One reference says a crumble is like a crisp, but not as rich.

Aha! Here is the WHY; The crumble is said to have been invented in Britain during World War II, when food rationing made pie crusts an impossibility. Americans sometimes call the crumble a crisp.

– – – Somewhere there is also a custard, but I have all this finally sorted in my head, I don’t want  to get confused all over again!! – – –

Because I’ve never made none of the above, I am just linking to recipes that looks easy, but will report when I decide to bake it!

Butter crust/dough; apple pie; blueberry crumb pie , apple galette, rhubarb galette, universal galette, apple tart.

Happy baking!


Wire #2, one week

My bite is a bit better, I can somewhat close my mouth and my teeth “fit” together in a way.

Teeth only hurt when clench them together or I try to eat – my theory is  “when teeth are moving they are loose and that hurts”. And they are loose, if I push my teeth together and move lower jaw left and right, the upper teeth move along 🙂

I do have something new. SPACE BETWEEN MY TEETH!!! That is a real first!

One of my snaggle teeth, one that was looking up instead of down, is now almost completely turned, but gums still haven’t grown (do gums grow?! yes. )on a tiny tiny part yet, and when I was flossing, I noticed a tiny hole. And what does Bookfairy do? She sticks this in this hole. (Not the first four pics, but it’s something like TePe, and those in pics after it. Usually, I use it for the surface of my teeth, under the wire, etc, it makes me feel like it’s cleaner. I recommend. )

So, as I was cleaning the surface, I tried sticking it in the hole I noticed, and it went in smoothly. Ran to show my mom, who shrieked and was totally disgusted, lol, we all have weak stomachs for medical related things (looking at any kind of wounds for example).

So after one week of new wire, I am still on soft-er diet. Manageable, but…

Currently reading; a hedgehog tale

I’m reading Muriel Barbery, The elegance of a hedgehog.

Since I am n the middle of the book, I just gather a few articles to see what others say about it. I did not read them – I HATE spoilers, but will go through them afterwards, and maybe I’ll tell you what i think about it 🙂

So far, I am interested in the story, although I am skipping the philosophical parts – sometimes it’s just a short, two page chapter, sometimes a paragraph. Just not my cup of tea.

Secrets, secrets…

 Different things change over the course of time; this one here is interesting…

Painkillers; what works for me

I had issues with headaches in my childhood, and I can’t remember that any of the pills really worked. I was always afraid of becoming resilient to the pills so I refused to take them if the pain wasn’t insufferable. A masochist, that is me.

The world changed for me when I got glasses, 80% less headaches!

Still, I would get this 3 day marathon migraine headache. I do not have a migraine, I won’t compare my pain to the people who have migraines, it wouldn’t be fair! Second day is the always the worst, but I learned that once the pain develops, nothing can stop it.

So once I feel it coming, the attack starts! My lifesaver is Aspirin for migraines. I must have two glasses when I take it, because the taste is awful. I put the tablets in a glass half filled with water, and I prepare the other full glass of Coca Cola or water. Then I brace myself, take one big gulp of the medicine, grimace, and have the other glass already in my mouth so I can get rid of the taste asap. It usually takes about three gulps untill I am over with the dreaded deed.

Why Coca cola? I once read somewhere that caffeine somehow makes the pain be killed better.

A short internet search shows that when it comes to caffeine and painmeds, well, the jury is still out. Might work for some, not the others. I am convinced  works for me. I am fully prepared to admit it might be placebo, but as we all know, placebo works 🙂

You can decide for yourself.

New wire day 4

My new, thicker wire (I am the only one that noticed that) is still messing with my bite. And I still can’t really chew, I only had a salad yesterday when I ate out, so I nearly died of hunger because I don’t eat prior bus rides, and my bus was at 8 in the evening.

I’ve had froot loops and corn flakes, soaked for an hour for my afternoon snack for three days straight, I am getting tired of it! I want a sandwich!

There was no cooking theme on sunday, I apologise for that, I was lazy and tired, there is no excuse!

New wire!

Guess who is on baby food again? 🙂

I had big trubles eating a DOUGHNUT today! The tightness is back, but I welcome it 🙂

Went it, she said if I think we can take it all of already, since my upper teeth are all straight now, lol 🙂

The she took that pointy dentists instrument, clicked on every bracket so they opened, took the wire out, took a new one, tried it on me, took it (maybe she shortened it? ) and made something, then just stuck it on both last brackets, placed it in the other ones, and closed my brackets with her fingers. And I was off the chair! Five minutes, tops!

She asked if I would like to get the bottom braces on on the next visit!! I said that if she thinks it’s time, then ok!! She said it’s 5 months instead of 6 that we originally planed, so it means we are going ahead of scedua 🙂 Yeeeey!!

Forgot to ask about me bitting my lower brackets, we didn’t understand eachother what I meant about retainer – she thought I was asking about getting first one brackets/arch off then another. Said it’s ok to use my electrical toothbrush, and showed me a flyer of waterpik. I told her that food doesn’t really get stuck in my braces, so I don’t need it, and she was surprised to hear that.

July 10th is the big date, let’s start the countdown!

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