2months 1week 2days since upper braces

So, I recently discovered the term of what I used to have in my upper jaw;  two snaggle teeth!

One of them has been nice and straight for about two weeks; the other, the most crooked one, is still a bit crooked on the outside, but funnily enough, when I touch it from the inside with my tongue, it feels streight! It’s about 3/4 in, IMHO!  ! So I belive that until 22nd, when I have another app with my ortho, the last one standing will stand to attention as it should!!

I am happy happy happy!!

I eat just about anything, but I am still holding firm on the chewing gum side 🙂

I haven’t tried a hamburger, or anything as “thick” yet, and no weird incidents of food flying out or something like that – I read about it, but well, didn’t happen to me (yet 🙂  )

And I wouldn’t be described as neat, ever, so…

I don’t even brush after every meal, I slush with water afterwards and in about 90% of the time, everything goes away! I know I should also do it because of the hygiene, but honestly, I just forget!

I had a small problem with my bite about one month in, when the first snaggle tooth was finding its way, but once it turned, my bite is as comfortable as ever.

In my lower jaw, all four front teeth are snagglers, so I am expecting more pain in about 4 months.

I have no idea how I’ll be able to bite then, because it seems I’ll crush the lower braces with my upper teeth. My upper teeth “cover” the front of my lower ones, so – how exactly does that work??


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