Its majesty, the Facebook!!


Loved by some, not interesting for others.

I think you can tell I am in the first category:)

So, why do I like it?

I said it before – I am interesting in others. I am interested in what they are doing, in what they are saying, how do they look now, if I haven’t seen them in a long time – or if they are from other countries, at all.

You can get some information very quickly, you post something you need to know, and people tell you if they know anything about it.

You found out things, from the groups you are joined to, to articles other post, or just general information.

Yes, you can stalk people:) ((as in innocent stalking!))

You can play games. Oh, games…I have never played video games, so it’s a new one for me – I was pretty obsessed when I found them, I tried so many of them, now I only play my favourites.

I don’t do Farmville, but know a lot of people do – I don’t mind it, as far as I know, it’s a peaceful game, so I find it positive.

I divide people who are on Fb in three categories:

– The first: the actively involved facebookers (moi);

– The second, people who only read the facebookers-es posts but never post themselves (PC word would be shy, I say it’s creepy and hypocritical);

– The third: non-participators – they signed up,do accept friend invitations, but don’t read post or post themselves, mostly, they never even tried to look what Fb actually is.

Privacy issues are a touchy subject.

Me, I never do things that I might be ashamed of later, I am not a believer in “it just happened”, or “I couldn’t help myself”; still, some weird pic of me can happen and somebody can post it and it can come to hunt me. I am not excluding this possibility, but that, I can’t really help.

What I can do, is only post pictures that I think are appropriate, and can only write things that I think are appropriate(and where I look good 🙂 ). I don’t join “I like morning sex” groups, or any other groups that I don’t agree with, or are too politically incorrect. That is how I can control my privacy issues.

I have love/hate relationship with their chat sounds – it’s just a tiny click. If you are working in an office, it’s subtle,  better than msn’s RINGALINGARING, (it can scare the life out of you!) but when I am at home, and not behind a computer I want to hear it when somebody clicks me.

One of the best thing is how you can stay in touch with friends all over the world.. Or find long-lost friends (just happen to me last week, I’ve found her and she was obviously also very happy and w are in the process of pinning the day out for getting together for drinks!) . Or send mass emails like to your high school class to invite them to a reunion.

So IMHO, Facebook is great!


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