My teeth hurt like hell – not because of the braces!!

The left side of my jaw has been hurting like a bitch for two days now. I’ve even took anti-pain meds!! 

The pain comes and goes in waves, sometimes upper and lower jaw at the same time, sometimes it concentrates on one tooth (different ones! ) , sometimes just one part of the jaw.

I am trying to drink & eat  mildly warm stuff, so the temperature changes don’t upset it further. No idea if it helps. I am hissing the whole time, the cold air is a small relief. For half a second.

There will be a storm today, and I am piling all on hopes that ones it passes, the pain will pass.

If not, I’ll have to visit my dentist on monday 😦

DRAT! ! ! !

Update; going to the dentist tomorrow, the pain did not disappear. It’s now mostly on my upper left side and lower front side – my roots hurt. I mean, WTF ?  ? ? What in the world could this be?  Hoping ym dentist can tell me, and I won’t have to wait till he sends me to get it xrayed or something. Cross your fingers, please!

Update 2; I have  a sinus infection. Got the antibiotics. Hope to god they start working soon, hurts like hell. Still.

Update 3; second day in my antibiotics treatment, they still haven’t kicked in. The pain was so intense today that my mom called the doctor (also a good family friend).  He said that yes, they wouldn’t be kicking in yet, and gave me permission to take two painkiller pills at once; to make a “steam face bath” to clear my “paths”. And to come in in two days if it doesn’t improve. Now, if I tell you that even two strong painkillers didn’t take the pain away, just made it less intense, I hope you see it hurts.  Then I remember that I once read somewhere that caffeine helps to I’ll make a separate post about my discoveries about pain meds 🙂 Hoping that Update 4 will be “they kicked  in! ”

Update 4; it’s 5 days in my antibiotics (halfway through) and since yesterday, only one of the teeth has been bothering me, but it’s getting better. So – no more jaw pain! YEEEEEY!!!!


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