Painkillers; what works for me

I had issues with headaches in my childhood, and I can’t remember that any of the pills really worked. I was always afraid of becoming resilient to the pills so I refused to take them if the pain wasn’t insufferable. A masochist, that is me.

The world changed for me when I got glasses, 80% less headaches!

Still, I would get this 3 day marathon migraine headache. I do not have a migraine, I won’t compare my pain to the people who have migraines, it wouldn’t be fair! Second day is the always the worst, but I learned that once the pain develops, nothing can stop it.

So once I feel it coming, the attack starts! My lifesaver is Aspirin for migraines. I must have two glasses when I take it, because the taste is awful. I put the tablets in a glass half filled with water, and I prepare the other full glass of Coca Cola or water. Then I brace myself, take one big gulp of the medicine, grimace, and have the other glass already in my mouth so I can get rid of the taste asap. It usually takes about three gulps untill I am over with the dreaded deed.

Why Coca cola? I once read somewhere that caffeine somehow makes the pain be killed better.

A short internet search shows that when it comes to caffeine and painmeds, well, the jury is still out. Might work for some, not the others. I am convinced  works for me. I am fully prepared to admit it might be placebo, but as we all know, placebo works 🙂

You can decide for yourself.


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