A galette, a pie, a crumble, a tart.

I’ve never heard of galette before, and since we don’t really bake/eat pies here, or crumbles (I am still not completely sure how you eat a crumble, because it doesn’t have a “bottom”), I’m introducing galette pie crumble tart diferent desserts made from dough and fruit usually in a round form.

But just for dummies like me; a crumble doesn’t have a bottom, it’s just fruit with sprinkled mixture of sugar and flour& butter on top; now, a pie can also be crumble pie – I THINK pie has pie dough on top, and crumble pie has pie dough on the bottom and crumble mixture on to. Right?

A galette is pie baked without a pan”, the dough serves as “hold it together”.

Then there is tart; This item is very similar to a pie in that it has a pastry dough bottom and a filling. It can be single- or double-crusted. Often, tarts are thinner than pies, and can be found in fluted tart pans or made in flan rings (see below). Tart rings come in many different shapes, including round and rectangular. On menus, it can be listed as ‘tart’ or ‘tarte’ depending on the pastry chef. – To simplify; tart is a small pie.

Cobbler — a spoon pie (more like a fruit stew with dumplings), in which biscuit dough is dropped onto the fruit before baking. The consensus is that the dish got its name because the lumps of cooked dough resembled cobblestones.

Crumble — a British dessert in which raw fruit is topped with a crumbly pastry mixture and baked. One reference says a crumble is like a crisp, but not as rich.

Aha! Here is the WHY; The crumble is said to have been invented in Britain during World War II, when food rationing made pie crusts an impossibility. Americans sometimes call the crumble a crisp.

– – – Somewhere there is also a custard, but I have all this finally sorted in my head, I don’t want  to get confused all over again!! – – –

Because I’ve never made none of the above, I am just linking to recipes that looks easy, but will report when I decide to bake it!

Butter crust/dough; apple pie; blueberry crumb pie , apple galette, rhubarb galette, universal galette, apple tart.

Happy baking!

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