Haven’t been to one in years, but I’m probbaly taking my little brother today – now that summer is finnaly here!

I need to figure out some entertainment for him, or hope he’ll meet some friends ūüėČ

Update; he met some friends and their teacher was my BFFs sister, we both had fun ūüôā


Categories II


I might have missed some, and I noticed I need some more categories Рlinks, media relates posts, a me me me topics.

Now I have to figure out how to have all the categories listed in the sidebar. And as you know, sidebar is still a huge mystery for me, so I am not looking forward this one!!


Me me¬†me¬†me me is added, as well as GB-blog-related-stuff. I noticed I need a media & links category, too…

Update II; clicks & links added. Untill I remember a good name for gossip & media related posts, I’lladd one of those. Suggestions would be appriciated!

Baked leek and potatoe frittata

Recipe here.
I’ve done it without¬†the parmesan, I just used regular grated cheese, and then put some mozzarella on top 5 minutes before I took it out of the oven.

I had it in the oven for about half an hour; I didn’t used a baking dish, but a regular pan(skillet? Is that the same as pan? ), like the one you use for making eggs or stakes; it’s round and easy to oil.

I used 4 eggs, one smallish-medium leek, and 4 medium potatoes. I overcooked the potatoes and could have used more leek.

It’s very light and very, very easy to make! Maybe it’s more brunch or afternoon snack then lunch meal, but I recommend it!

Going away II

I’ll be the guide for the sightseeing part, we are going to the area my family originates from, and I’m taking my friends to see it since they have never been in the whole area.
We’ll do some sightseeing, but how I plan to spend at least a few hours is; a lawn chair, a book, glass of wine, smokes, birds singing, sun kissing my skin lightly…Feel free to be envious!

Update; no wine holding, book reading, chair sitting combo happened.

First, weather was crappy. Second, our timing of sightseeing was not planned, we made it as we went along, so there was no appropriate time for wine holding, book reading, chair sitting. Third, I had no idea we had no fancy wine-glasses that I imagined¬†in my mind. We just had old, short stemmed wine glasses, and the feeling just wasn’t there!

Still – we had fun!!

3m 4w in braces


my new gap is still there(what is it now? three weeks? ), it is not closing and the gum is not growing. My front tooth somehow moved and is now a millimeter or two lower than the other one. Weird, but I think i am the only one that notices that!

There is a thing that I am a little¬†sad about; even though my teeth are straight now, when I look in the mirror, I still don’t see a full set of beautiful hollywood teeth. I don’t even see straight teeth. It’s like my mind is stuck in the “crooked” mode :/

I realise that I won’t ever have a hollywood¬†set of pearlywhites. Yes, they will be straight and they will be white (because I’ll have them whitened) but they won’t be pretty. I just don’t have pretty teeth. But they are mine and they are straight!

Oil of olaz go away, cheap Avon come my way!

Bough Oil of olaz/Olay(what’s with that??)¬†moisturiser¬†and excpected great things, all I got is a huge breakout that took a week to calm down.

Funny how cheap Avon summer cream worked wonders! I got Avon care summer face moisturiser, it contains vitamin B and Aloe vera, and it has SPF 15. ((No photo of it found, sorry!))

I like both of them in terms of texture, smell, make-up base….But it’s just that the Olay one broke me out, plain and simple.

This proves that¬†more expensive doesn’t allways¬†mean better. Still, stay away from the cheapest products, but middle range ones are ok ūüôā¬† Big lesson, right? ūüėČ

Sookie & co

Not a fan.

I’m watching it, but…I dislike Stephen Moyer, I hate them (him and the¬†oscar-winner Anna)¬†as real life couple (he is way older).¬†I do have to admit they seem to behave appropriately on the set, according to the reports in the press, so…Ugh. Still don’t like them together!

Among¬†redeeming¬†qualities¬†we have¬†Alexander Skarsg√•rd¬†and Ryan Kwanten,¬†drool…¬†

…and the fact that I like to watch popular shows if I like them at least a bit…I like know what’s going on in the pop culture world.

I love vampire books (J.R. WARD is to die for!!! ) but I am romance-oriented, and even though I¬†am always the -thicker-the-better, and I do think there are a lot of books in the series… It’s like with Gossip girl, it’s ok, but I am not drawn in enough to read the books.

So. Just wanted to say that I have it downloaded (first two episodes of the new season), but haven’t seen it yet.

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