Something altered, something new

I had a couple of things in the “for seamstress” pile (usually, my grannie does the simple alterings, but she doesn’t have the mashine to handle certain fabrics, so that was a bit too profesional for her),  and I went to teh fabric store to find something suitable for a simple, knee lenght skirt.

I bought one fabric with red & green geometric pattern, and a romantic one with blue & red flowers on a white background…Of course, the skirt I took with me as a pattern had some elastane in it, so it was simply made, elastic in the waist, voila. Sure enough, this will need zippers. So they’ll be more formal then I intended them to be, but one can never have too may clothes! 🙂

I love skirts & dresses and I don’t really know what my excuse is that I don’t wear them more often. Maybe because I walk a lot, and with skirts, I tend to wear less comfortable shoes, and I get blistered enough even with my comfy shoes? But, you’ll say, you can wear flip flops in the summer, there is no excuse!

I’ll let you know, my dears, that I have a great tallent to get blisteres even in flipflops. my mom says I have such sensitive feet as if I was born to be a princess 🙂  ( refering to princess and the pea fairytale).

We’ll see what she’ll make on my first try-on!


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