Millet porridge, baked with apples

Following my BFF”s recipe here;

quickly wash millet, put it in the pan with milk and cook it, on medium flame, for about 20 minutes, with a pinch of salt and as much sugar as you like; add a bit of coconut butter in there, too 🙂

Don’t forget to stir! And keep watching, you know how milk is, as soon as you turn your back on it, it boils over.

Now, I’ve made a mistake of thinking the milk has to be “gone”, – it doesn’t! Just pour it in the pan when the millet is cooked.

Buttered and toss breadcrumbs in the pan, grate apples((whoa!! I just had such a hard job finding out this word!! Next time, I’ll just check here. And I am shocked to find out most people do strudel with apples cut in slices or pieces, not grated!! That one really threw me! )), squeezed them so the juice won’t make it all runny, and you can either

a)mix apples with some raisins

b)mix apple with some cream

c)mix apple with an egg

Now mix it all with the millet (or you can spread the above a (apples+raisins) over it and put it in the pan. Bake it on around 180C for about 20 minutes.

Now, I didn’t write the quantities, because I don’t know them; please use this as an excuse to experiment!! Enjoy!


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