Archwire complaint (I really hate to do this!)

Now, I have to be really carefull with this;

1) I love that forum and I think it’s a great source of information, comfort and kinship

2)It is a place that has been very helpful to me personally


Some backstory; before I got my braces, when I was sitting in the ortho’s office, talking with a girl who had them already. I was saying how much info I’ve found on forums, but that I am afraid of some things I’ve read about happening. She said something in lines of “don’t worry, it will be ok, people who write on that stuff are the ones that like to complicate things”. I thought “No, not true!!! I learned a lot! ” and thought that if she has never read one, she obviously passes judgement too soon!

I am very, very sorry to say that I don’t really go there much anymore, because…

Either I live in wonderworld, or (knock knowck knock on the wood, I don’t wanna jinx it!!!) I have some magical braces, but…I had not have one single negative comment on my braces! ((there are whole posts there dedicated on the bad things people say to brace-wearers), I am extremely happy with them and to have them (at least one third of the posts are about how people either hate their braces, are ashamed of them, sorry to have them, and bunch of other negative stuff. I know it’s great to have the place where oyu can just whine a bit and you know that everybody there has probbaly been in that situation, and that brings you comfort, yet…

I am probbably saying this because I am happy with them, if the situation would be reverse, I would be happy to have a place where I can whine and suffer with others. But I want to say loud and clear IT’S NOT THAT BAD! I LOVE IT!

So; this is not aimed at the people articipating there, not critisizing, just pointing out that not al of us are unhappy, and hoping there would be positive posts!


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