Hot fluids for hot weather?

I’ve aways thought of it as some balancing thing,  I’ve never  connecting it with sweating; but this article does and says it doesn’t work.

I like this explanation better; (whole article here)

In fact, the temperature of the drink does not really matter unless a massive amount of liquid is being consumed or if the temperature of the liquid is extremely cold or extremely hot. If extremely cold, such an amount would probably make you sick and cause you to vomit and cramp. If extremely hot, it would burn your mouth.

The fact that fluid temperature, cooler or warmer, doesn’t much matter is due to the much greater mass of the body compared to the drink. Cold or hot, the temperature of the drink is transformed to body temperature without much of a lowering of body temperature at all. The body’s system of temperature regulation (homeostasis) is not so easily fooled.

I am sticking to my black tea in the mornings and afternoons with tap water intervals. Good thing I said black instead of green, or else someone might of mistaken me for a health nut!! 🙂 *licking remaining crumbs of Belgium Truffles of my fingers*


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