DIY bikini wax

Maybe not such a genius idea.

Because I’ll sleep in my loose shorts and not my hipsters  tonight because they rub that (waxed off) area and will make it even more sensitive. At least I was smart enough to do it 3 days prior to showing it in public.

Gawd. I sound like an experimenting 17year old. (((Or maybe they experiment earlier in these days?? ))) But truly, I am just a totally broke 20something that will be wearing a bikini for a better part of the next two weeks, and really, really doesn’t want to keep staring at her crotch to see if anything (an escaped hair) peeked out.

Hope it calms down by tomorrow! Will report. (I’ve only once used a different tool then a raisor on that hair; I only advise it if you have a thing for self-torture.)

If this was TMI…God help you.

gazillion of women every day wax, pluck, shave their bikini areas, legs, underarms, faces. If they don’t, they/we face humiliaton and judgmental looks. So we have to do it, but are not allowed to talk about it. Or mention ingrown hair. And omg this just became a rant I have no idea where this came from!
And for the record – i also give judgmental looks. But I also give them on not taken care-of nails. That means clean, if polish, then non-cheap, and the very most important, all the same length. They don’t have to be manicured at the salon (I’ve never ever been, even though I am dying to go, and I know it’s not as expensive as it used to be, but I still can’t find the guts to go!) and seriously I am ending this TTY tomorrow with my new set of braces ((hopefully!!!).

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