Bottom braces on! And I am sooo gonna loose weigh!

I also got a new top wire, and I think that she put ligatures on me too!

They are clear, and when I asked all terrified if that means they’ll stain, she said that cigarettes and coffee do stain it, but that it depends from person to person, and she can tell mine wont. No idea why she would say that, but I am going to stick to the same routine as before, and we’ll see.

She said “Wow, it crowded, I really have to try to put them all in!”when finished gluing LOL. The brackets are smaller than my top one, but then the teeth are smaller too, so no wonder.

On the top, only the first bracket is metal, the rest are clear, but now on the bottom, the first three are metal, and front six clear.

Here comes the pain in the but part; because my top teeth would touch the top braces, she had to put some stuff on two of my teeth to keep them from touching. Think of having a filling done at the dentist, when he fills the whole,and then when you bite together, there is something disturbing your bitting, like it was done too high, and then he smooths it out and you can bite normal again.

Well, I can’t put my back teeth together! So it’s not going to be soft foods for a week, but for the next 10 weeks! Well, we’ll see, I’ll report here 🙂

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