11 days of bottom braces


I didn’t lose weight, just FYI.

Food stucks under braces way more, and it doesn’t go out as nicely as it goes from top braces when you are slushing during eating, I mean, it does go, just not as nicely.

It was funny, because even though it was triple the pain – new braces, new  wire and power chain – but only in theory! It only hurt when I ate, but since I ate soft foods, it wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought! (It didn’t hurt because my teeth don’t touch, she made sure of that. It was weird at the beggining, but I am used to it now.) And it was practically

I used wax for first three days, then none for two days, and it was all ok, but on days six and seven I got bruised a bit. I didn’t eat any more then usually, and I don’t really have any other idea why it would happen. It’s healed now.

I think I noticed movement, but maybe that is just whishfull thinking.

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