Gb goes on vacation; the story

  • Gb peed in the bushes
  • The doggie behaved like a good behaved dog that she is, and loved the sea
  • Gb was taken for a ride on a fancy boat/yacht at midnight. Too bad it was a wannabe-sugarddady and no prince charming
  • Gb is a hotel person. She likes doors that can be closed and easily reachable toilets. She doesn’t mind sharing showers, but she doesn’t like fixed shower heads
  • Gb busted both her flip-flops and her purse strap. She knows she has a second strap somewhere in her room, but she can’t find it. She is getting frustrated!!
  • She drank Aperol. She is not surprised that the same company makes Campari, because she thinks it’s basically the same taste
  • She was a good girl and only checked her inbox in the mornings, but she is still afraid what will happen when she opens the cell phone bill
  • Gb ate no sugar for two and a half days. I repeat, NO SUGAR. And she got her period. No wonder she was a cranky pain in the ass
  • cigarette heat is a good mosquito bite remedy
  • Sunscreen works. You don’t get sunburned or tanned. Even though you read in the sun every morning and evening. But you do get lot’s of vitamin D and read a lot. Sadly it can happen that you read a lot of depressing books, because all the good ones were already taken in the library
  • Drinking a lot might be good for the heat. It also means potty visits. a lot of them. Gb thinks it gets annoying after 10th visit
  • There is nothing like the feel of the sea on your face, the tingly feeling and the smell of it…

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