Friday findings

  • When shopping , it helps to have the discount coupons, otherwise you pay full price (because you are too embarrassed to give it back to the lady, even though you ONLY bought it because you though it was on sale)
  • Inception is a lot of things, but a thriller, it is not!
  • DIY hair color changes are still the cheapest way to go; IMHO, it pays of to get your hair cut by a professional, but for coloring…not necessary! (I’m red now, btw)
  • After 20 days in bottom braces, my teeth are already moving; I am touching one of  the bottom braces  with my top teeth
  • I am not a fan of Avon mineral foundation; makes my skin look…like a paper, like a dead person skin…and I think I figured out the ArtDeco rich treatment foundation secret; less is more!
  • Forgot what last one was!

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