Wallpapers part IV

They are here!! As in our living room, here!!!

Not on the wall yet, though.

Now that we have them, we need to decide where will the TV be, how do we want the pattern to look, do we want to frame the wall or frame the TV…Etc etc.


luscious lips

Well, not if you look at the mirror 7 hours after you used Lipfinity by Max factor.

I put it on in he morning and everything was ok, I didn’t went over my lip line, it looked good, I used the “after” lipstick a few times, so I kept it moisturized.(the lipstick is from two pieces; first you apply the color, then you use a separate clear lipstick that gives it shine).

I ate, drank tea and smoked 4 cigarettes; then I looked in the mirror. Oh the horror. Everything chipped and the color in the middle of my top lip was missing, so it looked like I just outlined the top lip but colored the bottom lip.

I had no idea what to do next; I knew that removing it is nearly impossible, so I tried to gently swipe away the chipped particles, and just re-applied the color. It was better, but in no way very luscious, because some of the chip remained and it looked like a dried up desert floor.

So, I guess I need to look up some trick for that. Sight.

Canned vegetable sauce

I didn’t find any really useful recipes, so I improvised a bit and I have no idea if it will be succesful – aka edible in a few weeks(I am not hoping for months, I ain’t delusional!)
So; I  put the jars & lids in the dishwasher to clean them.

I cut the onion, eggplant (that I let on the serviette for about half an hour prior to cutting so it won’t be bitter), green bell paper, I grated the carrots and sliced the tomatoes. Better said, I put some of the  tomatoes in the food processor so it was more liquidy. (If I would have a zucchini, I would add it too.)

I added the tomatoes after letting carrots, onions, eggplant and bell pepper simmer for about 15 minutes; then I just left it on the stove for more than an hour, slowly burbling. I only added salt, pepper, dry garlic(because I didn’t have fresh one) and some mild red paprika.

When most of the liquid finally evaporated, I took the jars out, filled them with the sauce and closed the lids.  So much sauce, and all that came out were 4 jars!! I wrapped them all in a thick cloth and I’ll leave them untouched for at least a day, so they will slowly cool down.

Then, I hope, I’ll be able to just open and heat them up and have them with pasta, rice, or just as a sauce with meat or something like that.

I really hope it works, because they are my tomatoes & bell peppers, that I planted, watched grow, weed, dig around them, water them, tied them up, etc; the eggplant is from grannies garden. I have never canned before, so I am really really hoping it all goes well!!

Thoughts on brazilian & co (previously full monty, before I checked what it actually means)

This started out as simply trying to find a after-bikini-shave remedy. 

My discovery was an after shaving no red bumps cream (or something like that ) doesn’t come in question because they don’t sell it here.

So just used good old aloe vera. Lady parts are sensitive and I don’t want to use something too chemical-y.
I found a lot of articles on “shaving your vagina” –something you can’t really do. You can shave your labia, and the most common responses in what to use after shaving are baby powder and wax, don’t shave.

That got me thinking into why is the fully naked look so popular – it reminds me of kiddy porn, but I got curious what are other people’s reasons.

Cons; child pornography, it’s out of touch with reality, trying to resemble porn actresses (Pornos are one of top reasons; “older” ladies said that in the 80ies, men never asked them to shave, but when it became popular in the 90ies to be bush-less, things started to change.)

The pain. The razor burn. The ingrown hair. The stubble. The upkeep.

Pros; it’s just like with hair, it’s there to be styled; adult genitalia does not resemble children’s; skin on skin contact feels better; better oral sex is the popular one, women prefer the clean feeling they get (??really??), but “body hair is not considered fashionable” takes the cake.

Some answer “well, we shave our armpits and legs, does that makes ups look like little girls, too?”; my answer; if you remove hair from your armpits, you make a big step towards not smelling as much when sweating.
I liked “it’s like with the haircut, some are really particular about the shape and length they like, others are indifferent”.

Somebody described geometrically shaped bushes “robot like”, too perfect and un-naturally looking; LMAO!

Still, according to articles I read, most women do keep their pubic hair in some sort of shape; I don’t want to guess the percentage of brazilian vs trimmed (can be either scissors or trimmer), but honestly, as long as you do it for yourself , because you are comfortable with it and because you like it, it’s all good.

I found surprisingly many how-to articles on shaving man-parts.

In the 18th and 19th centuries, ladies of the night shaved their pubic hair to

First shaved armpit was seen in Harper’s Baazar in 1915.

Wallpapers, part III

I bought new ones!!

I aborted the mission Yellow and went with blue theme; we have blue sofas and there is blue in our carpet, I can’t belive I didn’t remember about it until my mom pointed it out to me!

Let me tell you, it’s hard to find blue wallpaper which doesn’t immediately remind you of bathroom.

They are Esprit second and third on this link , so # 475 and 480(, yes, Esprit, the clothing label? Funny thing, we have Benetton tiles in the toilet – and we chose both without seeing the name first. )

This ones have a slight retro feel to me, they are much more edgier then the yellow ones.

Now waiting for them to be delivered!

Nail files

Nails are one of my pet peeves.

I always look at people’s nails and look at their state. They need to be groomed. I’m not saying I think men need weekly manicures, but that the nails should not be bitten to the quick, but nicely cut and maybe see something resembling a moisturizer once in a while, and have the same length and if they are long, a nail polish coat. Sorry, But I don’t like naked long nails, it’s really doesn’t look god imho.

Because I played an instrument in my younger years, my nails were always cut short, and I hate it to this day. The thing is, I have the slowest growing hair and nails on the planet. My hair is nice and healthy, but my nails, they break. Grrrr. I use rubber gloves when I clean, I took pills, I take care of them, nothing really helps. I do not want artificial or gel one, so I am left with wishing and hoping. A good thing is that they are nicely shaped, oval and long.

When I used emery board nail files, I had about 7 different ones, and I sorted it from newest to oldest; the newest who were the roughest, were for the times when i had to file more, and I always ended the DIY manicure with the softest, oldest one, to soften the edges.

Then, thank god, I discovered ceramic ones. I still only files in one direction, and naturally just a few days after I bought it I dropped it,  and it broke in one place, but because of the pink part that you see above, it still hold together, so I continued to used it.

glass nail file

No, I finally have a glass file!! They are the best. You can file on both directions,  and the best thing is that it’s permanently etched, so it can’t be worn down. You clean them with running water, something you can’t do with emery ones – but I think it works on ceramic ones, too. It doesn’t tear your nails like emery, and even though ceramic is worlds apart from it, it still tears your nails. Glass doesn’t!

Their only disadvantage is their fragility; you drop it, it breaks.


I am sorry, no recipe yesterday.
I am going through rough time.

This is the time I will refer to “the lowest point of my life” in the future. I haven’t figured it out yet how to overcome it, and it’s getting harder by the day.

I should be starting my group therapy again today, but I can’t go.

It’s bad for be, it’s going to hurt others, but there are some things who just are not appropriate,a nd that today is one of them. I have been fearing this would happen for the last 5 weeks, and yet I waited untill the last day to take care of it. And I couldn’t, like I knew I wouldn’t be able to. So now I have to face it. Face it by not facing it.

I am suffering. I know there are people who are starving, dying of incurable illnesses and suffer in other unimaginable ways.

I have a roof over my head and food in refrigerator. My suffering is caused by me, by my body, by my mind. And it’s awful, knowing this, knowing ways you can change things, yet not being able to do it. Constant talks with yourself, conversations in my mind, with myself, yet nothing changes.

I went through and overcome some struggles in my life so far, that is about the only thing that is keeping me above water. You went through that, you can do this. You can do it. You can do it.

Yet I don’t belive I can. I only have s much trust in myself. I don’t have the strength. I have used it all.

I can’t breath as I am typing this, my throat is a knot. My eyes are filled with unspilled tears. I can’t afford to cry. If I cry, I’ll get a headache and everything will be even worse.

I can’t face it. I can’t. I want to put the covers over my head and hide from the world. And I don’t want to leave. Ever. I don’t want to face things. I don’t have any strength. Why me. Why me. I can’t.

Seems so easy. Things I have told myself a thousand times. Just do it. Make a plan, take a breath, do it, you’ll be so proud of yourself later, you’ll get your strength through that. But I don’t want to. I don’t want anything. I don’t wat adventures. I don’t want challenges. I don’t want anything. I don’t have any wishes. I see people doing things, I feel a bit envious, I am a little resentful, she/he did this, why not me??? Not fair!!?! But it doesn’t really touch me. If it would, I would do something. But I don’t.

I am fighting a war with myself. I am not winning, but I haven’t lost yet. And I am not sure I want to win.

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