You tube gurus; Gb favourites

There are tons and tons of them; these are my favourites  –  I have chosen one video of each, to “introduce” them to you. ((gurus as in the ones who have a loooot of subscribers, as far as I can tell. I even googled for definition, and the best I could find is an article about how to become a you tube make up guru, , it’s a must read, great for making you laugh!).

I do have a problem with some of them calling themselves “gurus” as it’s something so matter-of-factly, unquestionable, normal. It’s bugging me and the best explanation I have is that it just doesn’t seem humble.

BTW, according to Wikipedia, a guru is “s one who is regarded as having great knowledge, wisdom and authority in a certain area, and who uses it to guide others (teacher). In Sanskrit gu means darkness & ru means light”.

Anyway, as opinionated as I am, these are the ones I watch the most;

Marlena aka Makeupgeek is a professional make up artist, she also has her own cosmetic brand;  here, she talks about brushes;

Emily aka Emilynoel83 is such a sweetheart – she is a professional news anchor! You can tell 🙂 She also makes videos about her life & job, interesting. I love it that she uses a lot of drugstore products!

Irene aka pinkiecharm doesn’t do tutorials, but great, detailed reviews; she is a bit quirky 🙂

Lauren aka Panacea81 is the original guru; she started with how-to videos and now has her own make-up line! She does different tutorials, but you can clearly tell she loves doing eyes the most 🙂 AND she had her teeth fixed after she earned the money for it!! Gotta love her!

Pretty boy Michael aka The sublime agent; he is doing high-end reviews and gives different advice, from under-eye massages to grammar mistakes, self-improvement issues…. maybe it’s because its foreign to my culture, but he really likes to mention how he has great ideas, unique knowledge, and is critical to other gurus.

Lindi aka Bubbi has a great irish accent and has recently moved to Honkong to pursue her fashion business;

Ashley does “the old” make up, her name, HoolywoodNoirMakeup says it all!

Blair& Elle aka juicystar07 and allthatgliters21 are sisters. Blair is THE fastest speaking girl on the planet. She is still a teenager – I wanted to add one of them to the bunch. There is some controversy out there about them, from nose jobs to paid/compensated/sponsored reviews.

So we have a two full professionals (or three? I am not sure in which category is Lauren L. ;/ ), five good amateurs (I am guessing here, I don’t know what Michael and Irene do for a living), a boy, a teenager, two europians/asians.

In addition, as it seems, youtube is good for making $$$/€€€ – the Fowler sisters, Lindi and Lauren made a business out of it! (Lauren has  makeup line, the sisters have a on-line store, and Lindi went into designing/fashion).

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – — – – – —

I would like to point out that I have not seen all the videos in existence made by any one of those mentioned above, and because of it, there may be some facts that turn out not to be so true. I do apologise if I have done anyone any harm by my words! It is by mistake, not on purpose!


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