Hate the cucumber, love the cucumber

We do not talk bad about food in our house. We don’t say yuck, disgusting, euuuu.

It took years untill my brother and me win the fight about being allowed not to eat cucumbers.

We really don’t like it. We can smell if it’s being sliced three rooms away. We can taste it if the same knife was being used to cut the cucumber and then the cheese on our sandwich. Even our grannie (who starved as a child in german camps, therefore being a good reason to know how important it is to honor food) made an example and doesn’t cook with it for us.

Yet, I smell of it right now. See, it’s REALLY good for skin. My mom, who is not really into lotions & potions stuff (she is a moisturizer & eye pencil combo, mascara only when she feels like it girl) always told me to rub my face with cucumber peel…Since that was one of few cosmetic tips I ever got from her, I stuck:) 

I have fond memories about it, how I would glide those slicky peels all over, how glowing I felt, and I was about 7 years old.

Feeling nostalgic now!


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