PC teen tv show? What is that?!?

I’ve just seen the first three episodes of Pretty little liars, and I am shocked.

It’s about four (five?) 17-year-old girls, and so far, one has kissed two of her older sisters boyfriends, and the other is involved with her teacher, and the thirds mom makes her shoplifting daughter charges go away by sleeping with the detective.

What I find very, very disturbing is the fact that this men don’t have any problems with that. The professor is even unhappy when the girl wants to transfer out of his class! There was no questioning of these relationships whatsoever. Now, I belive the targeted audience are teenagers, and honestly, they don’t address this topics as questionable.

And after I googled “PLL controversy”, the first page of results is about HAIR COLOR CONTROVERSY.  What. The. Fuck??
And would it kill them to have a short haired character? Or at least someone without waist length hair extensions?

Or maybe a *gasp* plus sized character? Who wouldn’t be the “fat one”, but just one of them?

Or even  racially diverse characters, maybe???

Here is the one I finally found that touches “anti-woman myths”, as they call it.

Now, this article showed me how PLL is very similar to gossip girl, but somehow, that doesn’t bother me that much, no idea why.
I don’t really think it will, but if this somehow miraculously changes after this episode, I apologise.


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