5m 2w 6d of upper and 1m 6d of bottom braces!

The uppers are not changing; the power chain is a little darker, a bit yellowy, but since my teeth are already yellowish (have been since they grew, it’s my color, not poor hygiene) it is not noticeable.

Besides from alternating my toothpastes  – I am using a normal one and whitening one – and using the baking soda once a week, I am not doing anything special – I eat everything that is allowed to be eaten with braces, no matter what color. And I still smoke.

Bottom ones…They sure are changing! They are not wobbly anymore, but they are moving and I think I have ground down that stopper thingy, because for about two weeks now, I am touching my lower brackets with my upper teeth. It started with one, then the others moved, and then I touched all 4 of the front ones, but if I pushed my upper jaw forwards a bit, it was in front of them so it didn’t touch them. But now they have moved so much that I can’t find a position where I could rest my teeth on my teeth and not touch braces.

So I am either moving my jaw so that they rest on different teeth, or I put my tongue in the middle so it rests there, but that is very, very dangerous.

And I can’t do anything in my sleep, so that is hours of pushing.

They are a bit of rectangular shape, it’s going to be fun noticing them moving into a beautiful arch 😉


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