Dashbord news

I think they changed the layout a bit, so I can’t go straight to “new post” anymore, which I do not like, but ok, I found (obviously) how to get to “new post”.

Good news – I had more visitors! On thursday, there were nine of you! And my profile was looked at twice! ūüôā

Fun news –¬† under “notifications”, it tells you what happened on the blog today, yesterday,¬†this week – it states updates and new posts.

And then there is “a while ago” column. And there are my comments! It’s been so long since the last one that poor dashboard can’t even date it!!

Just FYI,¬†I do have quite a few drafts, but they are all just ideas for post,¬†and some¬†half¬†written¬†because I don’t think my writing is good enough and¬†I can carry some subjects through. Untill I find some self-confidence, you can expect more of the same.


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