Nail files

Nails are one of my pet peeves.

I always look at people’s nails and look at their state. They need to be groomed. I’m not saying I think men need weekly manicures, but that the nails should not be bitten to the quick, but nicely cut and maybe see something resembling a moisturizer once in a while, and have the same length and if they are long, a nail polish coat. Sorry, But I don’t like naked long nails, it’s really doesn’t look god imho.

Because I played an instrument in my younger years, my nails were always cut short, and I hate it to this day. The thing is, I have the slowest growing hair and nails on the planet. My hair is nice and healthy, but my nails, they break. Grrrr. I use rubber gloves when I clean, I took pills, I take care of them, nothing really helps. I do not want artificial or gel one, so I am left with wishing and hoping. A good thing is that they are nicely shaped, oval and long.

When I used emery board nail files, I had about 7 different ones, and I sorted it from newest to oldest; the newest who were the roughest, were for the times when i had to file more, and I always ended the DIY manicure with the softest, oldest one, to soften the edges.

Then, thank god, I discovered ceramic ones. I still only files in one direction, and naturally just a few days after I bought it I dropped it,  and it broke in one place, but because of the pink part that you see above, it still hold together, so I continued to used it.

glass nail file

No, I finally have a glass file!! They are the best. You can file on both directions,  and the best thing is that it’s permanently etched, so it can’t be worn down. You clean them with running water, something you can’t do with emery ones – but I think it works on ceramic ones, too. It doesn’t tear your nails like emery, and even though ceramic is worlds apart from it, it still tears your nails. Glass doesn’t!

Their only disadvantage is their fragility; you drop it, it breaks.


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