Thoughts on brazilian & co (previously full monty, before I checked what it actually means)

This started out as simply trying to find a after-bikini-shave remedy. 

My discovery was an after shaving no red bumps cream (or something like that ) doesn’t come in question because they don’t sell it here.

So just used good old aloe vera. Lady parts are sensitive and I don’t want to use something too chemical-y.
I found a lot of articles on “shaving your vagina” –something you can’t really do. You can shave your labia, and the most common responses in what to use after shaving are baby powder and wax, don’t shave.

That got me thinking into why is the fully naked look so popular – it reminds me of kiddy porn, but I got curious what are other people’s reasons.

Cons; child pornography, it’s out of touch with reality, trying to resemble porn actresses (Pornos are one of top reasons; “older” ladies said that in the 80ies, men never asked them to shave, but when it became popular in the 90ies to be bush-less, things started to change.)

The pain. The razor burn. The ingrown hair. The stubble. The upkeep.

Pros; it’s just like with hair, it’s there to be styled; adult genitalia does not resemble children’s; skin on skin contact feels better; better oral sex is the popular one, women prefer the clean feeling they get (??really??), but “body hair is not considered fashionable” takes the cake.

Some answer “well, we shave our armpits and legs, does that makes ups look like little girls, too?”; my answer; if you remove hair from your armpits, you make a big step towards not smelling as much when sweating.
I liked “it’s like with the haircut, some are really particular about the shape and length they like, others are indifferent”.

Somebody described geometrically shaped bushes “robot like”, too perfect and un-naturally looking; LMAO!

Still, according to articles I read, most women do keep their pubic hair in some sort of shape; I don’t want to guess the percentage of brazilian vs trimmed (can be either scissors or trimmer), but honestly, as long as you do it for yourself , because you are comfortable with it and because you like it, it’s all good.

I found surprisingly many how-to articles on shaving man-parts.

In the 18th and 19th centuries, ladies of the night shaved their pubic hair to

First shaved armpit was seen in Harper’s Baazar in 1915.


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