Canned vegetable sauce

I didn’t find any really useful recipes, so I improvised a bit and I have no idea if it will be succesful – aka edible in a few weeks(I am not hoping for months, I ain’t delusional!)
So; I  put the jars & lids in the dishwasher to clean them.

I cut the onion, eggplant (that I let on the serviette for about half an hour prior to cutting so it won’t be bitter), green bell paper, I grated the carrots and sliced the tomatoes. Better said, I put some of the  tomatoes in the food processor so it was more liquidy. (If I would have a zucchini, I would add it too.)

I added the tomatoes after letting carrots, onions, eggplant and bell pepper simmer for about 15 minutes; then I just left it on the stove for more than an hour, slowly burbling. I only added salt, pepper, dry garlic(because I didn’t have fresh one) and some mild red paprika.

When most of the liquid finally evaporated, I took the jars out, filled them with the sauce and closed the lids.  So much sauce, and all that came out were 4 jars!! I wrapped them all in a thick cloth and I’ll leave them untouched for at least a day, so they will slowly cool down.

Then, I hope, I’ll be able to just open and heat them up and have them with pasta, rice, or just as a sauce with meat or something like that.

I really hope it works, because they are my tomatoes & bell peppers, that I planted, watched grow, weed, dig around them, water them, tied them up, etc; the eggplant is from grannies garden. I have never canned before, so I am really really hoping it all goes well!!


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