luscious lips

Well, not if you look at the mirror 7 hours after you used Lipfinity by Max factor.

I put it on in he morning and everything was ok, I didn’t went over my lip line, it looked good, I used the “after” lipstick a few times, so I kept it moisturized.(the lipstick is from two pieces; first you apply the color, then you use a separate clear lipstick that gives it shine).

I ate, drank tea and smoked 4 cigarettes; then I looked in the mirror. Oh the horror. Everything chipped and the color in the middle of my top lip was missing, so it looked like I just outlined the top lip but colored the bottom lip.

I had no idea what to do next; I knew that removing it is nearly impossible, so I tried to gently swipe away the chipped particles, and just re-applied the color. It was better, but in no way very luscious, because some of the chip remained and it looked like a dried up desert floor.

So, I guess I need to look up some trick for that. Sight.


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