Fall TV, again

It’s first victim is Lone star – only two episodes aired.

Ha!! I downloaded the first episode without checking what is it about; and I STOPPED WATCHING AFTER 5 MINUTES. Me. Who, at the moment, watch 27 different series. As in, I watch everything. And that doesn’t mean I have a good nose, because I loved loved loved Trauma and Mercy and they canceled them on me!

I am having fun with all the first episodes, I loved House; getting together with Cuddy is awesome! I got reminded of sons of Anarchy, and now I want to download the first season again to see how Tara and Jax got together.

I discovered Hawthorne, and I think Jada Pinklett Smith is great! (I don’t like her as much as a mom of two young stars on the rise, I  have a hard time with kids wanna be starts and not being polite but actually acting as stars. )And her character would be a pain in the ass in real life, and they mis-casted that male nurse.

I liked the first season of Life unexpected, but now they are making it too complicated; kissing the teacher, sleeping with her sister, now sleeping with his sister…

I had a movie night with my mom watching The good wife;  I made tea and bought chips, we sat on the bad with the doggie 🙂

I am giving Raising Hope a chance, as well as Hawaii five-o and Blue blood – I really liked it; Nikita is ok and the Terriers are cool; out of the new ones, I give Hellcats the lowest score.


Orthodontics on You tube

I have found a you tube channel by some ortodonics practice that has nice graphical videos that explains a lot of stuff –

an example

I’m back!!!

And the lovely Sandy left a comment!!

And I had fun, all went great, I survived all the train rides, and my braces totally tore my mouth apart, I talked and laughed so much that my mouth isn’t used to it, now that I’m just sitting at home and only talk to the doggy.

Planning fever

I’m going away for whole 4 and a half days, so I won’t be here untill next Tuesday!! Feel free to go wild and comment while I’m gone 🙂 ((not talking to you, spammers! ))

I am soooooo excited, this will be our fourth annual meet, I’ll be seeing four of my friends that I’ve meet before, and two new ones will be joining us, that none of us have met before. Exciting!!!

I hope all goes ok, that I won’t spent too much money – mom saved the day on that one – but that I do get to buy some stuff that I can’t t hern my country. I also hope my AA won’t show it’s UGLY UGLY UGLY head and that it won’t be as cold and as rainy as they predict.

Keep your fingers crossed, please 🙂

DIY pore strips

Tutorial here.

So, it’s gelatine + milk in the microwave, mix it, then you put it on your face; I used fingers, I don’t have any old brushes of any kind! Don’t wait too long because yes, it will cool down, but it will also start to harden!

It smells funny, but it’s not awful and it didn’t bother me.  I left in on a little longer, 20 minutes – I spread it on my nose and chin – and that one spoon is too much. Way too much!! I’ll use one tea-spoon of each next time – yes, there will be next time!!

I didn’t get the visible gunk on my strips, I only saw “empty dots”, if that is explanatory in any way, but I did saw results on my face, and that is what matters. It works!!


Teeth hurt, so I do not want to talk about food.

It’s not bad, though. I would say it hurts the least of all new wires.

Wire #2 on bottom braces

So, new wire on the bottom, same on the top, she sorta kinda clipped a part of the power chain away and put some thin wire instead, and told me that I need to brush the bottom of my bottom braces better.

Will explain more later, that is just a quick report.

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