What Gb is using right now I

I want to tell you about the three natural products I am using right now; coconut face cream, Deodorant crystal spray ,mist and Olive oil hard soap bar.

* * *

I got my coconut face cream at my ex beauty salon; the lady does them herself. It’s made of coconut oil, calcium carbonate and natural essences. On the attached note, it says it’s organic, and it’s for normal, oily and combination skin. It absorbs quickly and doesn’t make skin shiny. It it makes skin resilient and it can be used on acne prone skin and skin with dermatitis.

I love the smell. Love it!!! The only thing is that the consistency is hard; imagine hard soap. So I got my own system to get it out (it’s in a little jar); I use the other end of a desert fork. I drag that lightly on the surface and put that on my fingers while facing my palm upwards and sticking the fingers together. Then I touch that with my other hand, and slowly press together for a few seconds so it starts melting. Then I apply it to my face. It’s easily applayable and it absorbs in seconds. No shiny-ness!!

* * *

The Naturally fresh deodorant crystal spray mist; well, I am not buying this again!! Garnier minerals deodorant all the way!! My compromise is that i use the spray mist on the days when I know I’ll just hang out at home, and Garnier when I am going in public.

The web site says on the spray mist;

“The liquid version of our natural crystal body deodorant spray. Simply, purified water and pharmaceutical grade mineral salts. Highly recommended by doctors–oncologists, dermatologists, and allergists. 100% pure and natural, hypoallergenic, 24 hour protection, and fragrance free. Extremely gently yet amazingly effective natural crystal body deodorant spray.”

Sorry. Does not work at all. I am not much of a sweat-er, and this still has no effect on me. It’s too water-y, it I pump three times I have it dripping all over my body in a second.

* * *

Olive oil soap bar – I found it in our bathroom, somebody must of brought it from Greece or Turkey as a present. On the packaging, it says

“The olive oil soap has been made from olive oil and it’s a natural cleaning agent which does not contain any other substances. The olive oil rich by vegetable oil contains the vitamins E, A, D and K. The olive oil soap is a natural product that you can use in cleaning of the body, face and hair. ”

Not a fan of the smell. That is just because I like floral smells better, but since this is pure olive oil soap, it’s suppose to smell like olive oil! 🙂 I wash my body and sometimes my face; it doesn’t lather much, and that is unusual since most of my usually body gel soaps lather, and I am just not used to it! It gives you really clean filing afterwards, but doesn’t leave your skin silky, wich I think it’s good because it means it doesn’t leave any chemicals on your body, the way other gel soaps do (this is purely my feeling, not a fact!!)

* * *

I am always happy when I use something organic or natural, makes me feel more healthy. Same when I drink green or black tea. Or eat veggies from our garden.


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